September 2016

September  Major Transits using the Vedic system  


The Cosmic Play- with no intermission

The unsettling summer of 2016 is about to take an intense new twist. With the fall season starting the at the end of this month we can learn allot from natures rhythm. As it begins to change its colours and its direction, it starts to drop its leaves and lets go. It begins it's retreat back and redirect its energy within, deep into the ground to become rock solid to prepare for the next rebirth. This is a big clue as it is a time for us as well to go within and make our state of being truly solid.  


NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in the Nakshatra of Purva Phallguni (the reddish lady) on September 1st 

It all an inside job. This eclipse represents our mind and soul. Our thinking can go outside the boundary of reality and it can misdirect us on a wrong path. It will stir up feelings of lack of emotional nourishment and it will exaggerate unnecessary fears and bring things to the surface from our past.

Saturn is directly aspecting this eclipse adding even more darkness to the effect of the eclipse. Keep in mind this all an illusion from the smoke that Rahu likes to cast in our direction. 

During this time (and the few days surrounding it) observe yourself as a spectator in this play of your own life.  Don't be manipulated by your own fear. Keep it simple and stay grounded by meditating on what is your hearts desire and what you deeply want not by what misleads us. 

On a practical and material sense it’s not a good time to start or to end anything for that matter. Anything significant in the material world that is started in the few days before and after this conjunction could turn out very strange or if it is an ending you may regret it as well.

Venus Mercury Jupiter conjunction in Virgo until the 9th Meaningful solutions. This is what is known as Saraswati Yoga in this trio Mercury is still retrograde but offers us allot of creative solutions, joy, inspiration, and sensitivity. Venus and Jupiter are both teacher planets what this conjunction gives is a great time for writing and exploring a higher purpose. 


Lunar Eclipse on the 16/17th in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada  (The Hearse )  We will be tested and transformed. It can also create allot of restlessness. I will talk more about this in the mid month update.

On the 17th the Sun moves into Virgo Clever Action. Sense of duty gets activated and getting things done, focusing on the greater good. It will also rejuvenate interest in our health and we will take care of what we have overlooked or ignored. 

On the 18th Mars moves away from Saturn Active Fortune and leadership.  Mars moves out on its own until October. It activates straightforward thinking with a good dose of humour and the return of hope.  Mars turns its sights on battles of a higher nature: culture and faith, and the protection of others. It will activate our external energy and pursuits after having so much inner dialog this month.

On the 19th Venus moves in to Libra Loveliness. Venus will be here until mid October. Bringing well-needed softness in our relationships and an easygoing attitude.  A sense of peace and balance will wash over and you will feel like connecting again with people.  Watch out for over indulgence with this influence.

 Mars and Saturn in Scorpio -until the 17th temper, temper dear… These two are joined for most of the month living together in the icy space of Scorpio.  Saturn and Mars here can expose the darker side we hide due to our vulnerabilities. It makes us face what we have not faced. Strength and resolve comes along with it and leads us to deeper insights.

Watch your health, watch your temper, face your fears and try not to make unnecessary pressure and demands on yourself or others.

Mercury retrograde Time for Pause. Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month. When Mercury retrograde occurs it simply exposes the areas of life we are neglecting and needs our attention. Yes, it also means that communications can be challenged but that is not the the best of what it is lesson is. Mercury retrograde is giving us space to make corrections and adjustments.

Jupiter in Virgo In between Commitment & Inspiration. As we know Jupiter moved into Virgo late last month and will stay here for one year. Jupiter is a giver most definitely, however Jupiter in Virgo is not always giving us what we desire it will give us what we need and reward what we have authentically worked for. It helps us to build security along with it a good dose of scrutiny. It will make us work harder, testing our teachings and our teachers, politicians and overall what we what we believe and invest in. 

On a practical note Jupiter is at odds with Saturn and when Jupiter gets on the other side of Rahu it indicates to an economic slow downs and conservatism. Take care of your planning.

September 28th Mercury Rahu and Moon (Nakshatra of Magha ) Conjunction for 2 and half days

Psychos and Geniuses. This ignites imagination a willingness to experiment and brings forth revolutionary ideas.  It opens other doors if you know what I mean................ We get a peek through the veil.  

Let me know what is brings for you.


When Sun is eclipsed in Leo it gets to the true nature of who we are, the true source of who we are, and what is our real power. It will burn off our false identity and what is not real in order to follow our authentic vision. It’s forcing you to connect with your own power

We are gathering the wisdom and the resources for the next stage of our journey. Wait until October to make big decisions, Saturn is eying the path ahead so wait just wait until next month. Saturn is helping us allot with its dose of conservatism,  patience and discipline:  Yes Saturn can sometimes be a friend. 

We are entering a period known as Kala Sarpa Yoga (The Serpent of Time) for the next several months I will talk about this in the next post for October.  

Remember without polishing how can one shine ? I wish you the best of luck this month and send you lots of love.