Full Moon Dancing into the Unknown


The full moon this month is the culmination of the last new moon where we had the Solar Eclipse making the influences quite intense, adding to this is Mars conjunct Mercury in Leo. The Nakshatra influencing this moon is Shatabisha.  This star is normally referred to as a healing star, however where where it is sitting is activates very different qualities.

Please take special care the day before the full Moon when the Moon will line up with Mars and stationary Mercury.  Mars having just crossed the eclipse point on the 3rd and 4th makes the days before and few days after very difficult indicating a high likelihood of something being revealed of some significance, an increase in aggression influencing our decisions and actions  in particular the leadership positions in our lives. 

Mercury will go direct on the 5th however it will need a few days to settle before we see any improvement. Usually the day it goes direct we have even more challenges.  The dark half of a lunar month of Bhadrapada  is coinciding with the Full Moon in Aquarius so if you can try not to scheduling anything of importance especially Tuesday - Wednesday Thursday.  The energy can be quite chaotic, confusing –people and leaders can be manipulative to cover and push their own agendas.

This also marks the beginning of Pitru-Paksha that lasts from the 5th until the 19th. This is a time when the boundaries between ours and the spirit world is more fluid. Prayers to those who have departed are more readily received. Connecting with those who have helped to shape our destiny can assist is in transforming our stuck behaviour patterns. Make sure you express gratitude and peace to your lineage and guides when asking for help.

Stay calm and connect with the heart and with the breath. Once we become aware of the influence we can control or actions and reactions.

I send you love and Luck

siri prakash

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Exercise for cutting negativity

To begin repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Posture Sit on your left heal, the right foot flat is on the floor, the right knee is facing up 

Arms and Hands The fingers are interlaced, the arms are stretched out over the head with the palms facing the ceiling

Eyes  closed and focused on the crown center of the head

Mantra chant ONG as long as you can on one breath repeat  inhaling in between . The sound should 'rattle' the nasal cavity where the base of the nose and skull meet.  

Time  3 minutes makes a big difference and 11 makes miracles . Do it as long as it is comfortable for you

To End inhale and hold the breath pull the energy up – the tip of the tongue is pressing the roof of the mouth.  Focus the energy to the crown of your head exhale after 20 seconds

May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on