Careful Preparation through Connection Vedic New Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

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Luna’, from the wedding album of Costanzo Sforza & Camilla, Marzano d'Aragona

Cancer, the sign of the Mother a place that holds the deep reservoirs of memories linking us to the past and to our origins, is the field where our emotional body of experiences the new Moon at 13° in Pushya nakshatra.

The Moon is counseled by four planets -Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in the sign of the sensitive Crab, our emotional body has shifted from a chatty Gemini, dissolving into a period emotional depth where buried emotions get pushed into flow in the high tide emotional thoughts.

Glancing at the Moon from Scorpio a retrograde Jupiter calls for us to work on our unresolved emotional patterns that are buried where we may have pain around not belonging or feeling disconnected from friends and family. The vulnerability that arises now could be the missing link that allows for more meaningful connections. Examining our family bonds and histories may help us to heal as we begin a new cycle of relating to our emotions and sensitivity.

Anger and heartbreak can be catalysts for change, coming into our heart is where our true courage lives, with the power of 108 Suns, it gives us strength to be who we are without repression, control, or influence from outside authority.

Cancer is the great sensitive and mystical mother, this field owned by the Moon prioritizes vulnerability, care, and genuine human connection over empty achievement and material gain.

Our openness, genuineness, and emotional depth are our real gifts. They’re ready to root deeper, both within us and in society.

As we get ready to step into August, we push the reset button. Sit back, as the Moon merges into the Sun, still the mind and heart while you prepare for new directions even though the details haven't become clear as the recent dissolution activated by the eclipses has not yet actually concluded. We're still in the flow of change and transition that requires full attention,and faith.

The world changes according to our perception. Ask yourself how to adjust your points of view so you can generate more hope and positivity? How can you turn your consciousness and action toward the light as you remembering that your job is to open your heart and live fully no matter what. The Universe always mets us as we step forward, embracing us as we embrace ourselves completely.

Pushya nakshatra is a blossoming fortune that comes work it’s not the role of a dice, your karma generates your fortune well informed action is to constantly put your knowledge into action

Shabad for the new Moon Aad Pooran Madh Pooran Ant Pooran Paramaysureh

Send you lots of love and luck 

Siri Prakash