The Threshold of Endings and Beginnings Vedic New Moon March 2019


The cosmic address of the March new Moon is found at 21°of Aquarius in the home of the austere planet Saturn, a place filled with electricity ruled the deeply mystical deity Ajaikapada, part Naga and part Rudra, a place intimately connected to the Kundalini Shakti, the lunar mansion known as Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

The Moon (our consciousness) takes its journey through this fierce and stormy place on a hunt from deeper meaning, seeking to clear the path of outdated concepts, and attachments much like a sharp strike it creates a flash of light to give us a glimpse of what is to come, pulling our awareness towards the bigger picture, compelling us to make commitments to something greater than ourselves and our momentary happiness.

The penetrating lesson Saturn delivers though the Moon is one of circumspection and forethought a commitment to taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions, much like a river needs walls to be lead to the ocean, where it finds its depth and foundation, we too are best served when we are aligned with our focus and purpose.

As humans we are saturated in emotions, experiencing their friction against our thoughts and perceptions where they intertwine and colour our lives. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra suggests that there is something to sort out in our in how we reflect our interior world with our exterior world and get it straightened out rather quickly without mincing words, under this lunar cycle we can be critical harsh just like a fire that destroys,, so take care with your words, remember to be kind, and don’t get preachy with others as this nakshatra likes to do.

March is a challenging month where we are planting the seeds for 2019. Our new Moon is surrounded by unsteady energies - challenging Mercury retrograde and the upcoming Rahu/Ketu axis shift into Gemini/Sagittarius affecting us all for the next 18 months.

March is not a time for making it a time for bold steps, this is a time to learn how to sort out and roll up your sleeves and make things work on practical levels, so keep it organised and balanced and you’ll receive rewards for your courage in seeing the broader context.

Make sure to get physical exercise everyday this will help to release any tension and anxiety. This is not a time for being sedentary. Go outdoors. Breathe the fresh air. Allow Mother Nature to nurture you.

Lean into your Matra and let it work for you, as the original Rudra did to transform into the auspicious Lord Shiva. Feel the sound of divine dancing in all of your cells and elevating your frequency, create our own still point, a perfectly balanced position that keeps you aligned with your purpose, despite the chaos and distractions of the outer world, where we find our real joy no matter what.

I send you lots of love during this new Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

We are at the tipping point of a powerful shift when on March 7th Rahu and Ketu, will shift signs entering into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, causing transform for the next year-and-a-half. To find out where this is happening for you can book a reading by clicking the link below or or 📩 email