Jupiters Transit into Scorpio

Photo Nasa

Photo Nasa

The magnificent transit of Jupiter is upon us, but is it is not simply moving houses it is moving fast, stirring up meaningful changes that will touch each one of us over the next thirteen months.

The first of part of Jupiter transit is seen as it moves into the natural 8th house of the zodiac the sign of Scorpio, the sacred place where we change, where we journey into the deep dive of transformation to come through the otherside renewed.  Jupiter is welcomed with open arms in the house owned by Mars, a friend to expansive Jupiter, becoming bountiful place unrestricted in the depths of Scorpio.

During its transit into Scorpio, Jupiter will have a strong influence all three of the water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Pay special attention to these houses in your chart especially if you have your ascendent or planets  in Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada and Pushya Nakshatra, wherever Jupiter transits, it expands and where it aspects, it blesses those areas.

This transit of Jupiter is not only a very important and but a unique one, much more significant then when it was in Libra. Jupiter will move very fast through Scorpio for the first five months of its transit and we may feel that we are being challenged to match up to its speed and with the changes it brings.

As quickly as it will move through Scorpio, it take a quick yet meaningful dip into Sagittarius where come to a halt and station on March 30, 2019, in its own home in the nakshatra of Mula, the very center of the galaxy in a powerful gandanta point (karmic knot) joined with Saturn and Ketu.

This is quite an amazing transit, as this will place three heavyweight and spiritual seeking planets into one very concentrated period for three weeks. Jupiter powered in its own home depositing Ketu and Saturn. From Sagittarius both Jupiter and Saturn will activate the house of Gemini, another important area awakened to take note of in your chart from March 30th until April 22nd. But this is truly once in a lifetime for this transit and luckily for us Jupiter will be in control this one.

Before leaving Sagittarius Jupiter will retrograde from April 11th until the 22nd before returning back on April 23rd to Scorpio where it will remain until November 2019

There are two noteworthy dates in 2018 worth mentioning; the first of which is on November 11th when Jupiter will be in exact degree with Rahu, where Rahu will be creating a bit of a rucks. Rahu wants everything larger than life and it will wants it now, it wants all that is hidden and is secret, try not to get caught in the smoke and illusion of Rahu, as it can lead to make mistakes.

The second is on December 23, when Mars moves into Pisces, exchanging water signs with Jupiter in Scorpio, in a positive trinal relationship between two friends, again look to which houses these are for you and use it to your advantage. When we have Jupiter guiding the power and force of Mars, things tend to move in a positive way.

I send you lots of love and luck with the transit of Jupiter, may you be blessed and feel the support of the universe all around you.

Siri Prakash

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