Creation and Commitment March Full Moon Forecast Vedic Astrology

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Becomining full at 7° in the earth sign of Mercury, the Moon shines brightly charged with unity and devotion in the lunar home of Uttara Phalguni where we generate happiness by being happy, becoming a natural lighthouse of service.

Our March full Moon is a catalyst for a commitment, clarity and resolve as she is once again under the influence of Saturn with its aspect from Sagittarius, unveiling the power of a trained mind and bringing attention to our body which informs and impacts the state of our mind.

Coinciding with the Equinox it is also the festival of Holi, a time to celebration and connection, raising our energy in a time of reclaibration where all things together in nature pass through this time portal into a phase of creativity and growth.

Spring Equinox is one of the 4 pillars that supports the time frame we call “a year” and is one of the most powerful days for manifestation a time of acceleration, going deeper to experience the synergy of your oneness with all, by refreshing your practice and renewing your commitment so that you can maneuver effectively your time and space, breaking through and removing negative patterning and thought forms and uplifting your spirit to emerge relaxed, connected with your highest intention and commitment.

We are in a fiery cycle of a 3 in the year of 2019 it is deeply intertwined and connected to the energy of Jupiter energy where we have all that we need, it only takes our commit to conquer our own time and space. As Jupiter working through a karmic knot traveling though its gandanta position we are cleaning out the dirt and dust of our hearts and mind. As it churns approaching 0° of Sagittarius on the 29th is the period when it is the most challenged especially those with Moon and ascendent Sagittarius.

As the world transforms around us, it’s still an inside job, leverage the magic of the Equinox and these unique planetary shifts to celebrate by firmly kicking your own butt and moving forward toward newness and nourishment with the relationship with yourself.

This cosmic pulse of the divine is communicating and collaborating with us ecoding us with the bounty of prosperity and victory, it is only testing us to see if we are earning the reward with the challenge placed before us.

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