New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse the Birth of Motion


New Moon solar eclipse in the domain of Punarvasu is the first of this summer’s three eclipses.

Solar eclipses are about change and are most powerful and destabilizing in the areas of their path of visibility, where they create a heightened and sensitive atmosphere.

Eclipse effects do not come and go on they day they arrive, their effects last for months. This particular eclipse on July 12/13th (depending where you live) will not come with a dramatic flare for most, but it will make sure we take notice of its presence by delivering more subtle effects that become clearer in the upcoming weeks beginning with a whisper and building to a thundering roar at the end of the month with the total lunar eclipse.

The star of this celestial event is the Nakshatra Punarvasu whose message is of the pure shakti, a rebirth and creation, bringing the light of Jupiter to the forefront softening this eclipses edges. It is calling from our deep unconscious to heal our divisiveness and the contention within us clearing the way to an accelerated motion, particularly in areas where you have been resisting change. Purnavasu is a Nakshatra of patterns and wants us to look at the patterns in our life where we have a chance to examine and redefine, to go out of our comfort zone, Rahu pushes for this action with its eclipse.

We have been in a messy period for the last few months where at times we may have felt that we do not know what to do, what to think or what is our purpose and downright irritable at times. This is largely seen by the influence of  Ketu joined with retrograde Mars, and a retrograde Saturn aspecting the Sun challenging our purpose and our foundation in the roar of tension and frustration. The two eclipses this month will spotlight where you need to take notice and give attention for the next several months.

Fill yourself with light everyday see that you are a part of creation and that you are creation. Examine and refresh your tools and thoughts, stay committed to your path we are in an important opening where prayers and mantra is amplified make use of them. Its a good time to be introspective, observing what is awakening and give this energy space to take hold. Eat light on this day and if you can avoid being out during the eclipse.  

Please note that during eclipse the start and commence of the new beginnings, important ventures and large purchases should be avoided in the days before and at least 3 days after.

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I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash