The Birth of a Pearl- Full Moon in Libra Vedic Astrology


Arriving at its peak of fullness at 5°of Libra the Moon delights in the energy of an exalted Sun and exalted Venus, teaching us that oppositions are not meant to break us apart they are a complement to each other, uniting and blending the polarities.

With the full Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries it brings into focus a need to decide. Libra in its nature prefers pondering and weighing searching for a middle ground without having to take a stand, while Aries in its nature likes to take action and think of the consequences later.

These great luminaries are teaching us that through working together we can find the balance, creating supportive alliances and win/win solutions, birthing something greater than ourself.

At her peak the Moon finds her strength in the lunar house of Chitra nakshatra, where our emotional lens finds it’s activation in Mars , who is at the very center of the of this nakshatra giving us a crystallization in our perception, energising us with wisdom and strength to move forward.

As Mars and Venus, work through the Moon reflecting the more earthly masculine and feminine qualities, exerting a stronger influence on both our externals tides and our inner tides heightening possible tensions and pressure in our relationships.

One of Chitra is symbols is a pearl, which is formed at the depths of the ocean, giving us a sense of the deep price and sacrifice in the creation of a pearl , something of beauty through an irritant of sand in the center of the oyster.

We must remember that it is form that traps our soul and it is jiva (prana) that animates our human body, the container of our essence, as Venus sits in exaltation depositing the Moon with the transfer the genetic codes and the creation of life, Chitra nakshatra suggest the birth of something new to be experienced and nurtured, even through the discomfort.

The divine architect encourages and inspires us to keep going forward and reminds us of the beauty of the journey, in our trial and error as part of our experience where we need to have the courage to fulfil our karma and face what it takes to create something great with our lives.

May we find peace, common ground, and abundance in our relationships, as we blossom into deeper love and maturity birthing our destiny. Enjoy the strength of the Sun, the comfort and inspiration of Venus and the restraint of Saturn as we continue to experience the blossoming of the spring season.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Hanuman, the infinite strength, courage, service and loving devotion. Remember his story he moved mountains.

I send you love and luck with the Full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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