When the Light Comes in and We See the Bigger Picture, April Full Moon Vedic Astrology


The Moon arrives at its peak of fullness at 16° Libra in exact opposition to the Sun in Aries. The Sun is almost at its exaltation point and the April full Moon finds company with a retrograde Jupiter.

Hosting the Moon is the house Libra whose lord Venus is powerfully placed in Taurus, depositing boundless wealth,  strength and wisdom into the glorious Moon.

Both the Moon and Jupiter are are nearly free of negative influences receiving only a slight aspect from retrograde Saturn.

This cosmic pulse of the divine is communicating and collaborating with us ecoding us with the bounty of prosperity and victory.

The Nakshatra escorting the Moon is Swati an energetic position of individuality and vitality. Representing our prana ,shakti and life force. It’s energy testing our ability to stand out amongst the crowd  while maintaining our grace in the shifting winds.

The Moon, our emotional body searches for the answers in the house of Libra questioning how we are claiming our sovereignty,  where are we getting our power from  and how are we finding our peace?

The Aries new Moon cycle has been about tapping into our personal power and energy and putting it into action, now the full Moon in Libra is where we are harmonising and integrating this lesson in our most important relationship….the one with ourselves.

In the discovery of your individual power do take care that you do not get lead into isolation or use force. Remember you are part of the whole -not a- part from the whole.

Sit up tall connect with your breath the prana  that which links you to your manifest body practicing your japa, call in on your higher understanding of yourself. 

Yogi Bhajan gave a great meditation that is quick and effective. He said that when we are challenged that we should sit up straight, close our eyes inhale, hold the breath  and mentally chant VICTORY and repeat as many times as needed

Look up to the sky on the days surrounding the full Moon, just before the Moon and Jupiter set in the west you will see the Moon and Jupiter separated by only 6 degrees,  having appeared in the night sky reaching minimum separation near dawn on April 30th. Venus is also there, it will be well worth your attention

Enjoy the strength of the Sun, the comfort of Venus and even the restraint of Saturn as we continue to experience the unfolding of the spring season.

I send you love and luck with the beautiful Libra Moon

Siri Prakash

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