May Full Moon in Scorpio Vedic Astrology


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Becoming full on Saturday, May 18 at 3º Scorpio the Moon enters the lunar house of Anuradha nakshatra where we become aroused as our emotional and subconscious mind is seduced by reaction and aggression.  

The Moon is under great pressure from Mars and Saturn, the planets of fire and restriction with each embattled with the nodes of the Moon Rahu and Ketu. Mars entangled with Rahu in Gemini and Saturn entangled with Ketu in Sagittarius opening a doorway into latent unconscious energies from the past and of the future.

The current planetary alignment is in a fight for our belief and of deeper truths where once we make a commitment we are given a pass to advance on a personal level and collectively. Saturn informs us with what we must do to move forward and Ketu what we must surrender. Rahu and Mars equally demanding action and with Mercury approaching combustion it can be done without logical mind so if you’re naturally fiery, be aware of this alignment seeping into your communication, dont react call on the breath.  

The Moon joins a retrograde Jupiter who is both bright in the sky and close to the earth creating a powerful magnetic pull and its in its strength where we can amplify the positive side to counsel our soul.

Call upon those teachings (Jupiter) and support systems that you have found and put them into action instead of feeling overwhelmed and reactive with the fiery flood emotions that pollute our higher mind and create vulnerability in our path.

This is a period to connect it’s not a time of isolation the next 4-5 days the intensity of this feeling of polarization peaks May 20th when Ketu and Saturn exactly align creating an undercurrent of change and evolution, ready or not.

The mind needs a steady place to rest, and it can be difficult to find that under the lens of Scorpio yet it is in our depths where we are able to have an honest and intimate conversation with ourself locating our true origin. Be smart and position yourself well to ride the season of change that is upon us and catch the man blessing it brings.

As humans are inclined to seek pleasure and ease giving us the perception that challenge can not be enjoyable when it actually can be. The full Moon of May brings to the doorstep of our soul a teaching of how to keep our mind calm, finding peace and success through devotion where we truly shine in the realization of our spirit through the development of grit and grace working through challenges and rise.

I send you love and luck during this full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash
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