Astral Wisdom Full Moon in Magha Nakshatra

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Coming into fullness, swirling with fire and sparkling with gifts the Moon shines brightly in the heart of Leo in Magha nakshatra, free from affliction receiving wise counsel from the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

Magha nakshatra is the brightest amongst all the nakshatras as well as the brightest star contained in the constellation of Leo.

Ruled by the Pitr our divine ancestors and Ketu the liberator, Magha is a deeply mystical nakshatra connected with the in between realms, where records are kept and wisdom is found. Its fiery and hot and not soft in any way, it’s agenda is to remind us of our sovereignty, individual strength, and the inheritance we’ve received from those who came before us.

In it most simplistic essence Magha deals with our past to shape our present, a place we can access our ancestors help to guide us, as Ketu the guardian of our past karmas releases what is ripe to be experienced into the present.

The Moon operating in this star field signifies the need to develop a healthy ego and temperament for our soul to accomplish its mission. With both the Sun and Mercury communing with the receptive Moon in a combined message teaching of social service and humanitarianism, we learn that we receive by giving. This is key in the tempering of this nakshatra where there is a risk of an overly inflated ego that is inhabited by arrogance and stubbornness where we can become overly identified with status.

As Mars in powerful in Aries behaving quite aggressively and Saturn and Venus tightly joined in Sagittarius. We may have felt more tired and drained and a little rough around the edges, the last week, Possible friction with others as we attempt to balance personal strength with interpersonal relationships.

As Venus will quickly join Ketu in Aquarius on the 24th making it a good time to heal emotional patterns that may not even be yours but what you may have learned, take the time to release the old stories of the past either way and help your family to release theirs.

The February full Moons lesson is of being comfortable and confident in our authority, without the need to prove it. Where we can experience a state of knowing in the throne of our soul experiencing all the creation of divine, standing beside us and in us, each and every moment on our path to dharma.

During the full Moon cycle take time and honour your ancestral traditions, your lineage and teachers connecting with your genetic and astral wisdom.

We have a sacred breath of life given by God a life that even the angels envy. May you be blessed and feel the strength of all that is supporting you.

I send you lots of love and luck during the full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

We are at the tipping point of a powerful shift when on March 7th Rahu and Ketu, will shift signs entering into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively where they’ll cause transformative eclipses for the next year-and-a-half. Ketu will join the karmic task master, Saturn in which will add a rocky dose of realism.

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