September New Moon Vedic Astrology - Love is Good For Your Health


New Moon in Virgo  

The New Moon cycle will highlight the performance of service and mundane tasks as well as a desire to heal and uplift our hearts.

The New moon will fall in the Nakshatra ofUttaraphalguni which is all about the details and structure. Its effects are governed by its planetary ruler, the Sun, and by the deity Aryaman

Aryaman is related to contracts with others and partnerships that are beneficial. In the next 30 days people can come into your life that are helpful to you now and can prove to be significant like a teacher or benefactor.

Jupiter’s move earlier this month has brought some relief and softened the atomosphere even in its early stages providing a powerful opportunity to improve our relationships, social skills, and expand our circle of friends.

While we still have Mercury and Venus conjunct Mars a lingering intensity can still be still felt in our communications.  The exchange between Mars and Saturn  does not help the situation.  Partnerships cracks or contractual breakdowns can be brought to the surface now.  Having said that the effects are far less harsh as last month with the Venus and Jupiter on either side helping to calm the waters. 

Kala Sarpa Yoga is active until the 29th  which will influence of the new moon.  

We can experience a feeling that we have less free will and there is a certain destiny happening in our lives. Its not nessescarily a bad experience. It’s a  good time to  see how our mental perceptions and activities may be keeping us stuck, for good or bad.  This Yoga is happening between Leo and Scorpio (the King and the deep frozen fears)

Observe how your mind moves and returns to habitual patterns, the karmic knots that are keeping you restrained can be revealed with the practice of observational awareness.


This next 30 day cycle our minds will be directed on the details and cleaning up the accumulated mess from the previous months havoc. It can translate into performing the daily mundane the not so glamourous tasks perhaps at work which can leave us feeling blah.

A simple remedy is to serve those is in need this is a great way to appease this influence.  All that is happening in the world there are plenty who are in need.

Be in service to yourself and commit to what you love . 

The Eclipse that we had last new moon will still be active for the next several 5 months so please take care. 

The Fall Equinox on the 22nd  commences the beginning of Navaratri a 9 night festival where the worship honouring of the Divine feminine- Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Love, my friend, is good for your health - Yogi Bhajan

I send you a lot of love and luck

siri prakash

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Meditation for the Month - For Focus

To begin repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Posture Sit in easy pose and your forearms are perpendicular.  

Hands The thumbs are holding down the pinkie and the ring finger. The index and the middle fingers are straight and they open and close like scissors. Important both fingers must move in the open and close 

Eyes closed and focused on the chin

Breath : slow allowing the breath to regulate itself

At the 9 minute mark open your fingers and exhale and close your fingers, synchronize your breath with the opening and closing of your fingersfor one minute

Then inhale and open spread your two fingers wide and start breath of fire through the‘O’ shape of your mouth for one minute.

Next inhale and  release your fingers and make your hands into a panther claw then  inhale and twist to the left hold for 30 seconds and return to center and exhale. In ale and twist to the right and hold for 30 seconds and return to the  centerand exhale

Time  11 minutes

May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on , Sat Nam