Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

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This solar eclipse will occur in the Nashatra of Maga Nakshatra in the sign of Leo, This is a fiery active star and with is placement and alignment  in the sky its shadow side is activated. As mentioned in the August forecast we can see a rise in racial superiority, arrogance and over identification with materialism and superiority. Making this eclipse more challenging is the fact it is taking place smack in the middle of the Mercury retrograde, the planet of judgment and discernment changed direction. A clear path cannot be perceived when Mercury disappears from view.

The collective temperature is hot and reactive through September. The fiery elements in the sky are making this time volatile and charged mixed with strife and confusion. Conflicts can escalate due to impaired judgement and poor communication. This is not a progressive time, so decisions made urgently and hastily will trend to be flawed. It is best not to make major decisions until after the 5th of September.

Now who will feel this Eclipse? If you have planets that fall in the degree of the eclipse then you, but most of us will not feel its impact on a personal level. What we are being sold is hype.

Now having said that -we will feel it on a collective level since this eclipse falls very close to, the US’s natal Moon at 7° Aquarius and within a degree of Donald Trump’s Mars directly on his ascendant.

This eclipse will impact the US and the President Elect, we the world are affected his choices and reactions impact the world as a leader. 

Now back to the everyday people (Sly and the Family Stone Suggestion for you) the Planets that have been transiting, stationing and the heavy hitters Saturn, Rahu Ketu, and Mars  have all been in action and have much more direct impact on the planet as a whole creating this current atmosphere.  

The Eclipse time for thousands of year as a time to deeply meditate since the veil is lifted so to speak making it a very powerful time for prayer. Action will come later. Let us pray for peace, equality and resolution during this eclipse. LOVE EACH OTHER AND SERVE ONE ANOTHER

In the yogic and vedic tradition we are taught to get into water during solar eclipse so for those in the US  if you can get into water, either bath or shower, any water, during the eclipse it would help to stave off the negative effects. Yogi Bhajan  when in water the negative impacts will not touch you you are protected by the water.

Peace Meditation Taught by Yogi Bhajan in march 1979
Posture  Sit and put arms at the side of the body like a 'W'. Elbows are relaxed at the sides and the forearms up near the shoulders. Palms face forward, hands in Gian Mudra (index and thumb touching) .
Eyes  1/10th open, look at the tip of your nose.
Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Hari Narayan Sat Nam  Chant the mantra continuously

Time 11 minutes up to 31 minutes

Comments YB
Yogi Bhajan: „Even the most lowly person who have or feel like nothing can become
completely majestic by chanting this mantra. Like you can see through clear water you
can see through the clear mind & beyond this phenomenal world realize God.“
The most  powerful ashtang (8-part) mantra. It cleans  out the subconscious as well as impurity  from your surroundings. When perfected, man rules the heavens. When the navel vibrates, earth and heaven's axle starts  vibrating. That's the human power.“

I wish you love and luck this eclipse

Siri Prakash

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