New Moon The light that Breaks All Darkness


Happy Diwali to everyone may your heart, spirit be filled with light and joy to carry you wherever your destiny leads you!

The New Moon cycle of October is a filled with creation, wisdom and light.  Opening fresh landscapes that are reaching out in new directions, bringing with it hope and growth over the next 28 day cycle

This incredibly auspicious New Moon commences the start of Diwali the festival of lights celebrated over the next five days. However the real magic of this New Moon is given by the company it keeps in the sky- Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun. This blend of of friendly planets makes us creative, open and expansive. Over the next 28 days we are working on smoothing out relationships, and working towards finding a common ground in order to build a mutual understanding without losing our sense of self.

We have a greater chance now to reach a creative and diplomatic solutions with others rather than outright aggression as seen played out over the summer. This is largely due to Mercury being the depositor of the most influential planets in the sky right now ushering in intellect and fairness to the forefront in a mutually beneficial way.

The Sun is powerful even when debilitated in Libra, where it struggles to maintain sovereignty during its stay. Mars will be the unlikely support to the Sun . Most of the Suns power in this cycle will be felt with inspiration to regain balance.

While Jupiter takes residency  in the house of Libra for the next year, we will learn and cultivate new ways to balance our growth and efforts. Jupiter's presence will create a positive influence building an intricate relationship pattern that is sustainable.

The Nakshatra Chittra is the wheels of this New Moons known as the dazzling architect it is leading us to a deeper exploration on finding a stable and creative path.

There is still an element of caution so do take care as the difficult times are not quite over and will continue through the end of the year. The last stages of Saturns gandanta making it very volatile , intense and unstable until November 4th.  

We are also in a Kala Sarpa Yoga until October 27th. This is where all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu creating a noteworthy pressure where events played out in the world stage are still challenged highlighting the need to work together towards  a sustainable and lasting solution.

Always remember the human spirit is strong and light always penetrates the darkness

I send you love and luck


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Meditation for the Month - Kriya to Resolve Communication Problems

To begin repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight.

Mudra: Touch the thumb and Mercury (pinkie) finger of one hand to the thumb and Mercury finger of the other hand. Bend the Sun (ring) fingers in toward the palms, but do not let them touch the palms. Leave the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers pointing straight up, but not touching.

 Music: Meditatively listen to Beloved by Singh Kaur

Time: Start with 11 Minutes and work up to 31 Minutes.

To End -  Inhale deeply sit quietly for a few minutes

May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on , Sat Nam

Effects: This meditation activates the power of Mercury Intellect and Communication