Krittika Ignition


The third of the 27 nakshatras Krittika cosmic address is 26.40° to 10.00° Taurus ruled by the devata’s  Agni, the god of fire and Karttikeya, the God of war, the son of Lord Shiva himself.

Located in the field of Pleiades Krittika is contains a tremendous amount of potential  within it’s fiery constellation igniting the energy required for all creation process, it is the spark of life. Illuminating and transforming  Krittika cuts through and purifies whatever is in its path, what is not clear revealing the very purest of essence.

Krittika is a mixed Nakshatra it’s piercing and unsympathetic as well as nourishing and comforting, within this lunar field lies a power to provide enormous vitality, courage and strength, however if its power is not utilized properly, the consequence can be harsh and intense.

At its best Krittika is an activator, awakening the inner fire of passion, enthusiasm and determination dispelling darkness to reach the deepest truth. It is star field filled with intensity and creative energy, containing the fuel to power our vital energy.

People with prominent Krittika nakshatra can have a sharp and cutting wit and are often sarcastic and critical, yet very protective in their nature.  They are quick and insightful, and grasp things quickly and won’t hesitate to tell you what’s on their mind.

Destructive tendencies of people with prominent Krittika nakshatra often have a disposition for anger and stubborness and be a bit combative nature and be down right  unreasonable at times.

Importantly is to understand is that Krittika exemplifies sun’s anger rather than Mar’s anger. Sun’s anger doesn’t last for very long, while Mar’s anger lingers on with an avenging attitude.

Planets in Krittika कृत्तिका

Sun in Krittika - Is strong and authoritative  can create a Spiritual warrior, disciplined, great leadership skills and has issues with authority figures, and potentially an angry temperament destructive.

Moon- The soft element of the moon is not as comfortable on the Aires side of Krittika, can make a emotional and reactive as Krittika fill her with fiery and fast energy. On the Taurus side the Moon is exalted at 3° Taurus and it does much better, however both sides the person can be a bit needy and needing a lot of attention. They can suffer from insomnia and have issues with blood pressure

Mars- gives a commanding appearance, can be argumentative, good at precision often you see surgeons and scientists, also people with careers that need skill with sharp objects including hairdressers

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra does well here, Mercury can take the heat since it travels often with the Sun, under Krittika it makes for a sharp mind and intellect, good in finances and social services. It also makes for good business people.

Jupiter in Krittika Nakshatra  promotes higher learning more a mystic and often gives the ability of a seer, it gives an interest in history and literature, brings wealth and integrity.

Venus- artistic and creative in nature, passionate, magnetic personality interested in music, fashion and fine arts.

Saturn-Saturn is not comfortable in the star of Sun, the Sun and Saturn are enemies , can be an inpatient and create a lot of frustrations

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra is not happy in the star of Sun as Rahu is the enemy of the Sun. It gives effects of  hidden side especially with their caring, nurturing and emotional side under hard and rough exterior. But they like to support people around them with their warmth, independence and will power.

Ketu in Krittika Nakshatra Ketu  feels uncomfortable with its inherent materialism, seeing this as the result of wrong choices.

Krittka is related to the hips, Loins and the Crown of the Head (Upper and Back Portions of the Head

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Siri Prakash

Bharani Nakshatra The Struggle that Lead us to Breakthroughs.


Bharni’s  cosmic address is 13° 20- 26°40 in the constellation of Aries where there are three faint stars, when looking on a stellar map you will find it placement in Alpha Ceti, it is also named as Menkar.

It’s  symbol is the vagina or a Yoni, the source of life. A rIch in symbol, that teaches us the core and concrete nature of Bharani natives. The image of a womb and a child that feels restricted and confined because it has outgrown its space and now must endure the pain of birth. It is the ending of things so that new ones can begin.

Bharani is known as a ugra nakshatra, which means it is fierce in its strength and endurance with the ability to bear the results of our actions. Bharani is a deep and profound nakshatra and is quite challenging as it deals with legacy, in the waters of transformation. Revealing that what we must struggle for, are what lead us to breakthroughs. It is seen as a Nakshatra of revolutionaries, this is largely due to the rulerships of Venus making them philosophical in nature and with the power and endurance of transformation.

The deity that governs this Nakshatra is Yama the God of discipline and restraint, is also known as the God of death, who is the brother of Saturn. It is quite important to note that Yama is  a Deva working in the underworld doing what is necessary in the rhythm of life, making him often misunderstood and feared for his actions.

Due to it Venus rulership, there is a quality of artistic strength seen in the Nakshatra.

Malefic planets fair far better under Bahrani influence, due to their nature of having the power and strength to endure

Planets in Bharani

The Sun is fantastic in Bharani it makes for a disciplined person with a clear independent strength, they can work too much and can be a bit too serious not knowing when to work and when to play.

Moon - Makes a person direct, discipline and strong.

Mercury is challenged to learn the value of relaxation and flexibility, how to have enjoyable friendships, Bharani will also create the need for them to learn to a financial discipline.

Mars does very well in Bharani, it gives a great discipline and self regulation and strength, learning how dependence and interdependence work together.

Venus is not the best placed in the abode of Bharani Venus seeks comfort and avoids conflict , it lacks the endurance and discipline. Venus Bharani people prefer to be alone and be separate, from others, they are loving and generous in heart but avoid to be in close relations. It takes the allot of effort for Venus Bharani people for to muster strength  need to overcome obstacles, but when needed they certainly can overcome.

Jupiter can be depressed in Bharani it can also bring challenges with children or in their  relationships with children, Jupiter Bharani people have has strong morals and ethics, they can be quite the fanatic.

Saturn, does well under Bharani it has great patience and a great responsibility but it can make them struggle with poor self image with what is of real value better

Rahu The lustful nature of Rahu is extreme in Bharani. Rahu in Bharani are known to be difficult when they suffer  waiting to make everyone around them suffer too, paradoxically they often have  a powerful gift of healing Rahu in Bharani but the flip side is they have a incredible hunger for power and to profit from the illness of others.  Rahu in Bharani are very promiscuous and very extreme people. It is a difficult placement Rahu in Bharani

Ketu in Bharani, is very internalised and has a difficulty to move on. Allot of self guilt seen with persons with Ketu Bharani

Where is your Bharani in your chart?

Keep reaching for the stars, I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash

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Ashwini Transporting Healing to the Earth- Nakshatra Series


Ashwin Twins cosmic address is  0°-13° 20 in the constellation of Aries where there are two prominent stars at the top of a horses head. They are described in the Rig Veda as riding a golden chariot and make their appearance between dusk and dawn embodying the skills to heal and cure and the ability to bring rain and water in times of drought. 

The Ashwin twins are the sons of the Saraṇyū (the mist & clouds) and Surya the Sun, their half brothers are Saturn and Yama. The are famously known as the the physician to the Gods and of the heavens, who work miracles for the Sages (Rishis). 

Ashwini Nakshatra is an initiator who is direct and swift, releasing its vital force skilfully and with great beauty. As the the princes of the Sun, they inherently have prestige and status, yet they were born out of discovery and the shattering of illusion.  

Adept in knowing of how to work with shadow and light, they operate in a mystical and mysterious space of knowledge, equipped with a unique set of skills to bend the law of nature, of time, untie its knots and the release of karma.  

As masters of the speed of light , they understand the restorative power contained within the frequencies of light and sound. Often referred to as a right ray of light the Ashwini Nakshatra contains a very youthful and restorative quality, that is filled with a playful mischief, adept in finding inventive workarounds employing simplicity and effectiveness.

It is a highly motivational and inspired Naksahtra with an ability to easily influence people drawing from their instinctual talents of knowing of how to shift the currents of the mind and heart of a people in the desired direction. 

Ashwini is not a contemplative Nakshatra nor is it cruel, It is the epitome of ‘ready or not here we go’. It doesn't beat around the bush, preferring to cut right into the heart of the matter. Depending on the planet it can be very direct and even downright blunt.

Ashwini has a deeply embedded need to be inspired and to be in a place or a position where it can be seen and followed, yet remain free, rebelling when they are contained or controlled,

They are driven to lead with a great capacity to attract and inspire others, becoming great builders of community. Often using their resources, to produce more resources supporting their path and building their dharma.

It is a very mystical and dharmic Nakshatra but because of its swift movement,  its  deep wisdom often gets overlooked because it is done with such ease and quickness most can not recognise the skill and magic, it can appears to others to have always been.

There are three main shadowy or negative points of this Nakshatra. It can be overly over indulgent and egotistical,  abuse its power and position, or if  its energy is not harnessed it can turn inward and become they can become lazy and weak.

Effects by  Planet this is for siderial vedic placement so make sure you check from there.

Lagna (rising) very adventurous, likes to lead and be in charge. Must learn o control their behaviour, impatience can lead to poor decision making, good at magic and mystical arts

Sun- the Sun is exalted here. Gives a very powerful and executive like person with the ability to lead. Good doctor also good at resisting disease. A little too quick sometimes , can be impulsive.

Moon-  can be emotionally aggressive and too quick to react in a negative way that hurts them. Moon is Ashwini can also be easily bored, with its mind operating fast here. They are good healing arts particularly as advisors, as they are quick to understand. These people are natural magicians with significant karmas to be discovered within Ashwini.

Mars- As this is Mars own house it is powerful and happy here. Very successful under Ashwini, good planner, good surgeon, good at resisting disease. Very youthful person, can bee to fixed on its own need for freedom without the consideration of others. Can be very impatient.

Mercury- Mind is fast and at times can be overly aggressive. May go against social norms with revolutionary ideas. Can be a bit nervous , needs a lot of stimulation and freedom. 

Jupiter-in Ashwini fast and expansive with a great healing capacity. It will strongly be motivated with the desire to assist and help others, they make good preachers, teachers and good advisors.

Venus- Venus is very fiery here and creates a lot of tension in relationships. Easily enticed with romance, jumps into things too quickly

Saturn- difficult father relations, can often repeat mistakes. Makes a very logical and sober person with and enduring strength but with a restrictive feeling and a lack of freedom.

Rahu- Incredible desire to be free and torn with a need to be recognised for efforts. Very impatient and selfish. Can be careless and rash. Good for those seeking to be in the entertainment field.

Ketu- Very mystical placement can have health issues, a very deep and inventive intellect.

Note When you have Ashwini and Bharani Nakshatra together in the 8th house makes for a potent mystic and healer. 

Some Famous people with prominent Ashwini Nashatra

Bruce Lee, Leonardo Davinci , Martin Luther King, Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler,  

Where is your Ashwini in your chart?

Keep reaching for the stars, I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash

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Nakshatra Series

best stars

I wanted to share with you the deeper meanings of each Nakshatra in a new series but to start we must first understand what the Lunar Mansions and Nakshatra are.

Lunar mansions are divisions of space based on the Moons orbit intersected by the Sun shorter orbit creating 27 lunar houses. 

Both the the Sun houses (12) the lunar houses (27) both look at the same space they just have different perspectives, one is from the Sun- our soul, our ego, our vitality. The Moon is our manas the repository of our mind, its our desire, our wants and our needs. 

The Sun and the Moon are a team that work together just as our thoughts, feelings and desire are intimately connected with how we act and what we do. It is impossible to separate them. 

Each of the 27 lunar houses is ruled by a diety’s giving each Nakshatras very special and unique resources for the planets and rising sign placed within its segment. 

In Vedic Astrology the Nakshatras are the core foundation, with it first reference in the Rig Veda. Nakshatras reveal a treasure of wisdom and knowledge to help us to understand the core of our nature as seen in our birth chart and with behaviour of the transiting planets.

The Moons version of space so juicy and rich and has much to teach us.

I will post each week a new Nakshatra sharing its key meanings, I hope your will enjoy the series and learn something more about your nature.

Keep reaching for the stars
Siri Prakash