From My Heart and From the Stars

My passion for learning and understanding the many mysteries of existence has been with me from a very young age. As a little girl I would lay in the grass and talk to the evening sky to have a conversation with the God. I tagged along with my mother to  metaphysical bookstores in Los Angeles such as the Bodhi Tree and the Philosophical Research Society where I would pour over western astrology books and create hand drawn charts in a passionate attempt to understand who I was, why I was here what I was meant to do. As a punk rock kid with a passion for mystical teachings my path led me to Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and by 1992 I began studying directly with Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric where he graciously took me into his home as his family and as his student.

In 2002 Yogi Bhajan introduced me to my first Jyothisha teacher Chakrapani Ullal during Chakrapani’s visit to Yogi Bhajans home in New Mexico. After my initial introduction to Chakrapani in which I argued with him on planetary placement, inspiring Yogi Bhajan to roll his eyes and give me a stern look where I knew I should be quiet in order to observe and learn. As Chakrapani unfolded my life story in a series of numbers and symbols and accurately described to me what was occurring in my life and what was coming to unfold.

My introduction to Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) by two great masters opened a new path of the deep and rich teachings of the Vedanga using techniques and interpretations as given by the Rishi’s.

Residing in Europe since 2000 I am a professional Vedic Astrologer, Kundalini Teacher and Healer having studied Sat Nam Rasayan with the current Master Guru Dev Singh.

I remain committed to expanding my knowledge to provide excellence to my clients with the most effective and self-empowering insights as revealed in the blue print of their lives.

I am humbled to study and serve these teachings of the great masters and I look forward to look at the stars with you

Siri Prakash

If you need anything ask her (Siri Prakash) she has the ability to bend the will of God -she has the power of prayer, she is a mantric, she knows, she commands it - Yogi Bhajan

Vedic Astrology

For thousands of years man has looked up at the sky with wonder and asked what is my place in the universal plan, who am I ? What am I here to do?  Astrology helps us to untangle these questions and to understand what is happening around us. A map exists to guide and navigate us on our journey through life. Sacred tools and technology exists to support us along the way.

Vedic Astrology, originated from The Vedas (Vedic Scriptures)  and are considered by many to be the most vast and complete system.

The solar and planetary radio-like waves, sent out at various angles, were seen to bear influence on everything. Observations of these influences were calculated in to system and formulations which ultimately became the governance by which Vedic astrology is practiced. 

The stars and planets are communicating to us with the use of consciousness and intelligence in energies of the universe and it’s key vibrant points in space that affect us here on Earth.