If you would like to schedule a reading go to the Readings page and select the reading you would like to have. Once you make your payment with Paypal and have filled out the contact form you will receive an email from  to make arrangements for your reading .

For readings and questions please contact: 


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel or reschedule  you must do so at least three business days in advance of your appointment time.  Please be considerate and give adequate notice,  otherwise we regretfully may have to charge your account in full.


How important is having my exact birth time for the reading?

  •  An accurate birth time is important in order that you may have a correct interpretation of your horoscope.

    Which reading should I do first?

  • A Natal Reading  for first time clients, Natal Readings provides a foundation to better understand the impact and progressions you may want to consider later. If you have a particular area of interest, or compelling questions which you would like initial Natal Reading, you need to make that known in advance. 48 hours prior to your appointment time. 

         How long after the Natal Reading is it appropriate to have the Progression Reading? 

  • It depends on the needs of the person, but it is good to have some time to digest the material presented in the Natal Reading before having a Progression unless there is some pressing need.

            What kinds of questions can I ask?

  • Anything you feel you need support or guidance.