Piercing the Illusion New Moon in Taurus Vedic Astrology


The New Moon at 1°of Taurus in Kritika Nakshatra finds its strength amplified in the house owned by Venus.

In the darkest phase of this exalted Moon is where we are being asked to review how we have limited our growth with our fear based thoughts, where we’ve contracted in an attempt to stay safe.

Taurus is a sign that truly understand all the comforts that life has to offer, it is the embodiment grounded self worth and resources. The Moon governs the manas, our feeling based sensory system of the mind it is our intuit. Cradling the dark Moon is the brilliant and discriminating Kritika nakshatra, cutting right to the the heart of the matter with quickness and clarity. Ruled by Agni (fire deity) it illuminates what was unseen and creates a path in which we put ourselves first.

This is a not tender Moon it is more of a laser Moon, whose agenda is interested in the shifting our relationship with abundance and prosperity, renewing it with inspiration, focusing on material stability, harmony and the improvement of our surroundings. Igniting  new structures that are born out of unsentimental re-arrangement and decisive action, the creation of streamlined systems/patterns in our lives, the editing written material, what we own and in some cases the editing our relationships.

Happily the Moon is free from affliction by malefic planets helping to bring comfort to our mind and to our senses, as we push forward to do the work we need with the willingness to accomplish our projects and goals.

I send you love and luck in the new Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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Meditation for the Month Mandhavani Kriya: Mantra to Clear Blocks

To Begin Sit  comfortable in a cross-legged position with a straight spine bring your hands together in front of your heart and repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before beginning the exercise

Posture: Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with a straight spine.

Mudra: Bring the hands in front of the throat, forearms paraIlel to the ground. The left hand is palm down; the palm is flat and the fingers point to the right. Extend the left thumb toward the throat. Bring the right thumb between the left thumb and index finger, placing it in the center of the left palm and allow the fingers of the right hand to rest on the back of the left hand. Lock the right thumb in place and apply firm pressure on the left palm. Hold the position at the level of the throat about six inches in front of the body.

Eyes: Closed

Mantra: Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhay Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhay Sach

Breath: Inhale deeply and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted in a monotone.  Inhale and continue. This mantra is from the 17th Ashtapadi of Sukhmani Sahib

Be sure to keep the arms parallel to the ground. The key to this meditation is locking the right thumb and keeping firm pressure on the center of the left hand. Your thumb may become sore after a while but be strong and don’t give an inch.

To End -May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on, Sat Nam

About the Mantra

Given by Baba Siri Chand. A master yogi when he spoke this mantra it unblocked the writing of what would become a beautiful scripture in the Sikh tradition the seventeenth ashtapadi of Sukhmani Sahib. It has been used ever since to go to the essence of a situation, unblock and allow the miracle of what is already present to take birth.