Harmonic Tensions Vedic Astrology for December 2017

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Happy December! Things have been undeniably challenging as reflected in the stars over the course of this last year and as  always December it is a month where time seems to escape us and tensions run higher. As the year begins to draw to a close we start assessing where we are, where we desire to be and what we need to get there.


As we enter the month of December we are gifted a beautiful full Moon on the 3rd of December  in the earthy practical sign of Taurus, a place where the Moon has a great deal of comfort and strength. It’s placement becomes the harmonizing point from last month’s new Moon in Scorpio where our hearts were restless.

The full Moon falls under the Nakshatra Rohini which carries the promise of abundance and energizing our potential.  While the effects of this lunation are grand and transformative, the grounded side of this Moon reminds us to be simple and touch earth, relate with our senses and deal with the practical side of life. The axis of Taurus and Scorpio shows us how we can become sovereign yet connected to all beings. Our primary job now is to find our center. In this, we can stabilize our minds in the midst of great transition and purging we have been going through since the summer.


On the same day as the full Moon Mercury start its retrograde motion and will remain retrograde until the 22nd of December. The significance of this retrograde is where it is occurring, between the signs Scorpio and Sagittarius crossing over the challenging Gandanta point putting our beliefs and what inspires us under a methodical scrutiny by going back to make an internal inventory of our actions versus our beliefs. Are we paying attention are we applying ourselves or are we just inspired with our spiritual tourism?  Before it turns direct it will make sure we are clear what inspires us and the actions we need to take.


Late last month on the 30th Mars moved in with Jupiter in Libra and when these two forces come together in Libra social justice and justice take center stage. Mars and Jupiter can bring up a fanatical and obsessive need to win fueled by the philosophy and need to be right. With Venus is in  Scorpio it puts Venus and Mars will be in an exchange. In this cosmic conversation Venus will have the upper hand and bringing calmness and practicality to the Jupiter Mars tension.

Venus is an important planet of our path, it not often referred to but it is so. It is a morning star and an evening star it represents the goal ‘chit samadhi kritae’ a another name for Venus ultimately leading us to moksha.


The Sun on the 16th moves into optimistic Sagittarius, spirituality and expansion are pronounced and we have a fresh start in gaining momentum for the New Year. Sun in Sagittarius wants freedom to manifest his highest ideals, it craves new relationships with friends and partners who can open our hearts, allowing us to expand our love to include more people lives. 


The new Moon on the 17th (UTC) in Mula Nakshatra  More on this in the New moon forecast later this month.


In the yogic tradition the Winter Solstice on the 21st has an opening for a period of 10 days where our body’s fluids change as a result of the adjustment of the earth’s magnetic field and the flares from the sun which delivers us an increase in our pranic value.  These 10 days are used traditionally for more intensive inner work, engaging in a deep spiritual practice aligning ourselves with the divine so that we can make the most of this change. Make the best as you can during your holiday’s and take a break form the programming of consumerism.

On the same day as winter solstice Venus moves in with Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius and all three are tightly conjunct. What do your get when you have Hot, Cold , and Passion in a tight room?....... Interruption. The conversation these planets will be a conservative one and we may be challenged by authority figures in our lives through the first week of January. Try not to get to arguments with them. The good news is Mercury will start its direct motion on the 22nd.  

The key this month is to find common ground—to discover that beneath opposing belief systems is a shared commitment to basic goodness.

We are luminous beings and we being taught to live and be present in our command center and not settle for cheaper versions of ourselves. We are becoming clearer about what we believe in and where we're heading, Mars lends us courage to face the world's chaos and uncertainty. We can help each other by finding the balance between anger and compassion and our intelligence  the heart.

We about to enter the cycle of 11 in 2018 a cycle of sound current, the power of the word, the power of prayer, the resonance of the word.  The power of the frequency of the sound current vs nureon frequency is vast, so make agreements within yourself and believe you are great and worthy. 


The week of December 13th until the 21 the moon will be crossing all of the planets raising tensions and we feel its disruption. Libra is all about making peace and this is definitely not on Mars agenda. It is about confrontation and we feel vindicated in doing so..... best not to react it not worth it under these circumstances.

The 15th and the 17th the Moon joins Venus and retrograde Mercury making this another trigger point to lash out, and high chance to miss speak.  Try not to make it about winning. 

I send you lots of love and luck

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To Falling in Love With Yourself

To Begin Sit in an Easy Pose Sit with a straight spine and  repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before beginning the exercise.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Interlock all of your fingers except your Sun (ring) fingers, which are pressed together pointing upward. The right thumb locks down the left thumb. Place the mudra at diaphragm level, several inches out from the body, with the Sun fingers pointing out at a sixty-degree angle. Close your eyes.

Breath/Mantra: Inhale deeply and chant Ong in long form, one recitation of Ong per exhalation (approximately 15 seconds. The sound is created through the nose; the mouth is held slightly open, but no air comes out through the mouth. The sound comes from the nose by way of the back of the upper palate. Your upper palate will vibrate. Concentrate to do it correctly. 

Time 8 minutes.

Ong is the sound of the Ajna chakra, the sixth center of consciousness. There is, however, the sound of the Infinite which comes through the central nervous system (Shushmana) and touching the central nervous system. It comes from the back of the nose but you have to keep the mouth open. It can go to any pitch.  Therefore it is very important, if you want to be in love with yourself, to practice this sound. That will give you a great essence and joy of life." –Yogi Bhajan

May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on , Sat Nam