Ketu in Sravana Nakshatra Listening


Ketu has moved into the Nakshatra of Sravana where it will remain until August 29th 2018

The North and South Node are critical keys in understanding our deepest nature and the karmic path laid out before us in our birth chart. Their placement creates an axis point that divides our chart into two halves revealing the karmic knots we must untie.

Ketu the South Node shows us what in our life we are overly attached too and what we rely on far too often. It’s the placement in our chart shows accumulated knowledge, experience, our gifts as well as the tendencies we came in with.

Ketu's placement in our chart is where we retreat when things get too hard and we are seeking safety and familiar comfort. Ketu tricks us in thinking if we remain there or behave certain way we will be ok. However Ketu is an unconditional planet and wants absolute security, absolute certainty it is the castle where within its walls we are never satisfied and what we are really looking for can never be truly found in the house where it resides.

Ketu is a necessary companion on our journey and there is much to be thankful to Ketu it has served us in many, many ways. It provides us endurance through tough times, it removes what does no longer serves us even when we are ready to let go.

The ultimate goal is to merge the two nodes Rahu and Ketu together and not rely on one or the other too much. Utilising them consciously so that we can better navigate our karmic debts and pursue our individual path of dharma. The poison points get created in our charts when we use one of them excessively and of the two Ketu is often over due to its familiarity.

Sravana the Nakshatra Ketu resides in until end of August is filled with the deepest of lessons and perfect to take us through nearly 9 months of the year ahead.

The teaching of this Nakshatra is Naad the great sound and vibration in everything that sound the ‘KUND’ that created everything.  Teaching us to listen with all of our senses to see the interconnectedness and the cultivation of our higher sensory awareness including the sensing of oneself.

This is also the message 2018 is bringing to our door the Master cycle of 11. A cycle of the sound current, the power of the word, the power of prayer, the resonance and permeation in everything. 

Ketu with it’s illusory smoke will try to trick and block us with a feeling and sense of lack, that what we are is not enough what we need is outside of us.

Sravana is showing us the way to the true root of all things, ruled by the Moon it reveals how the light of the world reflects in our mind. The quality of the reception will depend on how clear your mirror is.

I send you a lot of luck and love

Siri Prakash

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