When All of You Shows Up - New Moon Vedic Forecast April


The blazing new moon in Aries, hosted by the fast paced Ashwini Nakshatra the star of energy and speed,  located in very sensitive a part of the sky known as a Gandanta point  ‘the karmic end of knot’.

This is a place where situations that arise embody the more esoteric soul lessons and the deeply ingrained patterns that require extra patience, and emotional equanimity so that we may see with ultimate clarity what is needing to be polish and smoothed out.  It is a place that work with us to break free from any conditioning that is holding us back.

The strength of the Sun in the very early degrees of Aries where it is at its strongest exaltation point, promised a month filled with activity and forward movement. Mars the ruler of Aries is somewhat subdued by the influence of Saturn and Jupiter helping to ensure we make deliberate decisions so that we may achieve lasting results.

The new Moon also has the support of two great benifics Venus and Jupiter encouraging us to seek the counsel of the wise teachers  as we decide which direction is a good for new undertakings.  

Mercury the planet of our active intelligence, communication and nervous system is slowly awakening ending its retrograde on the same day as the New Moon, its not quite time to celebrate since Mercury will be at a stand still will not have its full strength until early May,   but thankfully for us all the long retrograde has finally ended.

During this new moon cycle Saturn will begin its retrograde on the 18th , in this period we will have two significant planets with allot to say retrograding for the new few months. 

Retrograde planets are tricky they tend to behave and give results opposite to the sign they are in. Jupiter in Libra is behaving and giving results as if it is Aires making it a bit more martial with its influence.

Saturn in  Sagittarius will begin its retrograde on the 18th and will behave and give results  as if  were in Gemini, which is softer and gentler space.  This means these two planets are exchanging their working caps, so to speak. Jupiter a little tougher and Saturn a little softer

We have great and power days starting from the New Moon through the 19th so make use of this time with the Sun and Moon are both exalted on the 18th known as  ‘Akshya Triksha’  a very auspicious day long term growth and power. On the 19th Venus leaves the hot company of the Sun in the fiery home of Mars for a her power place, her own home where she can rejuvenate, build and create enjoying distance from the sun for the next few months reconnecting with her creative source. A very powerful few days to connect with what you desire what you want to initiate .


Its time to build our futures with greater maturation and awareness. We started the off the month under some significant challenges and now slowly we are to beginning to  feel and experience the juice and the colours of life return.  We are now moving into fresh energies and potentials marked by inspiration, freedom and  a clear purpose  Emerging from a dark winter ready to break free with authenticity and wisdom so we can live more genuinely and be available to the new adventures that offer us excitement & growth.

This New Moon cycle is a period where we have full access to our sense of self and a deep strength infused with life’s rich tapestry, may we take root in the  glory of who we are and expand to the stars and beyond finding our destiny that truly fulfils us.

I send you lots of love during the new Moon Cycle

Siri Prakash

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Meditation of the month Kriya for Awakening to Your Ten Bodies

To Begin Sit  comfortable in a cross-legged position with a straight spine bring your hands together in front of your heart and repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before beginning the exercise

1. Stretch Pose (1 min to 3 min) 
Lie on the back with the arms at your sides. Raise the head and the legs six inches, and the hands six inches with the palms facing each other slightly over the hips to build energy across the Navel Point. Point the toes, keep your eyes focused on the tips of the toes and do Breath of Fire.

2. Nose to Knees (1 min to 3 min)
Bring the knees to the chest, with the arms wrapped around the knees. Tuck the nose between the knees, and begin Breath of Fire.  

3. Ego Eradicator (1 min to 3 min) 
Sit in Celibate Pose or Easy Pose. Raise the arms to a 60 degree angle. Curl the fingertips onto the pads at the base of the fingers. Plug the thumbs into the sky. With eyes closed, concentrate above the head, and do Breath of Fire. To End, inhale, touch the thumb tips together overhead. Exhale and apply mulbandh. Inhale and relax.

4. Life Nerve Stretch, Alternating (1 min to 3 min)
Sit with the legs stretched wide apart. With arms overhead, inhale. Then exhale, stretch down and grab the toes of the left foot. Inhale, come straight up; then exhale and stretch down over the right leg and grab the toes. Continue alternating.

6. Spine Flex, Easy Pose (1 min to 3 min)
Sit in Easy Pose. Grab the shins in front with both hands. Inhale. Flex the spine forward and rock forward on buttocks. Then exhale, flex the spine backwards and roll back on buttocks. Keep the head level and arms fairly straight and relaxed.

7. Spine Flex, Rock Pose (1 min to 3 min)
Sit on the heels. Place the hands flat on the thighs. Flex the spine forward on the inhale, backward on the exhale. Focus at the Third Eye Point.

8. Spine Twists (1 min to 3 min) 
Still on the heels, grasp the shoulders with the fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left, exhale and twist to the right. Keep the elbows high, and parallel to the floor. (Do not reverse.)

9. Elbow Lifts (1 min to 3 min)
Grasp the shoulders as in the previous exercise. Inhale and raise the elbows up so that the backs of the wrists touch behind the neck. Exhale and lower the elbows to shoulder height, and repeat.

10. Arm Pumps (1 min to 3 min) 
Interlace the fingers in Venus lock. Inhale and stretch the arms up over the head, then exhale and bring the hands back to the lap.

11. Alternate Shoulder Shrugs (1 min each)
Sit in Easy Pose with the hands resting on the knees. Inhale and shrug the left shoulder up. Exhale and raise the right shoulder up as you lower the left shoulder (1 min). Reverse the breath so that you inhale as you shrug the right shoulder up, exhale as you shrug the left shoulder and lower the right shoulder (1 min).  

12. Shoulder Shrugs (1 min)
Inhale and shrug both shoulders up, exhale down.

13. Neck Turns (1 min each)
Remain sitting in Easy Pose with the hands on the knees. Inhale and turn your head to the left, and exhale and turn it to the right, like shaking your head "no." Continue (1 min). Then reverse your breath, so that you inhale and turn to the right; exhale and turn to the left. Continue (1 min). To End, inhale deeply, concentrate at the Third Eye, and slowly exhale.

14. Frog Pose (26 to 54 reps)
Squat down so the buttocks are on the heels. The heels are touching and off the ground. Put the fingertips on the ground between the knees. Keep the head up. Inhale, straighten the legs, keeping the fingers on the ground, head comes down. Exhale and come back squatting down, face forward. The inhale and exhale should be strong. Continue this cycle.

15. Relaxation (3 min to 5 min) 
Deeply relax on the back.

16. Laya Yoga Meditation (11 min to 31 min) 
Sit in Easy Pose with the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra (thumb and index finger together.) Chant Ek Ong Kaar(uh) Sa Ta Na Ma(uh) Siree Wha(uh) Hay Guroo. On Ek pull the navel. On each final "uh" lift the diaphragm up firmly. The "uh" sound is more of a powerful movement of the diaphragm than a pronounced purposeful projected sound. Relax the navel and abdomen on Hay Guroo. This is a 3-1/2 cycle meditation. With the breath, visualize the sound spiraling up from the base of the spine to the top of the head in three and one half circles.

To End -May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on, Sat Nam