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For one moment close your eyes and remember your very first breath on this earth, and with that breath remember what was your souls agreement as you incarnated. What was the promise to be kept.  What is it that you really need to accomplish and what do you need to clear in order to pay the debt. The answer is not hiding in fact, it is in front of you. This is your dharma, your path, your target and it takes daily work. 

This month we have a push from the universe to get it done. We have so much planetary support and a big dose of directed planetary energy -that is igniting a fire under us and within us to achieve it. The only caveat is we must be clear and act on it.

On April 26th  the new Moon is  in Aries in the Nakshatra of Aswini where it joins an exalted Sun. This combination infuses us with stamina and raw power. We are more aggressive and expansive as we push forward into the next cycle where we direct our energy now is critical. Directly after on the 28th we have what is known as  Akshaya Tritiya this is when we have an exalted Moon and an exalted Sun at the same time in the sky. The 26-28th are  incredible for launching a new project especially when it is combined with your dharma (your purpose) it  brings lasting prosperity. Make sure to take action in these days, even if this means you are writing your Mission statement, Manifesto,  Business plan, securing a web domain, any step you make toward your goal in theses days will support your success.  

On the 3rd Mercury goes direct. While Mercury is hanging out with Sun in Aries until the 15th. our communication more aggressive, rude , rash and curt.  Take care and to be certain to whom you are speaking too. The fire of our intellect is activated and we are focused but we should not speak with too much bravado. Redirect this into more productive tasks and try not to argue with your partner or boss, or strangers. Zip it closed when easily tempted, tempers are high

The Full moon on the 10th in the Nakshatra of Vishaka this combination makes us one pointed, decisive, and dedicated to the goal. The moon will be opposite the exalted Sun The shadow side of this influence is we can be too forceful in pushing our own agenda or trying to fulfil too many ambitions.  Make sure you  are not bulldozing others simply because you want your way. Be considerate. 

On the 15th the Sun moves in with Mars in Taurus. These two hot planets add fire to our already aggressive  propensity. However the magic is to be found when we are contemplative. The Sun is the king and represents our soul, Mars is the soldier, the servant. This is a beautiful combination when used to our advantage and directing its energy that is working through us. When we are clear about want Mars supports us with the drive and Sun the dedication to pursue our interests with full intent.

The 17th- 19th  Venus in Pisces is aspecting Jupiter. These few days we can experience our romantic and spiritual themes are challenged. Use this aspect to reconnect with the beauty of all things and the love in your heart rather than the perceived external disappointment.

Saturn is retrograde until August. Saturn represents hard work and restriction. Saturn is our representing our Karma's and the Karma's needing attention and correction is is bent on you clearing that  debt. The beginning stages of Saturn's in the  first 3 degrees are pretty good in both directions. I personally love Saturn especially when he kicks my ass. Saturn job is to learn your karma's of self undoing. It is not wanting you to follow your monkey mind which is inconsistent and distracting , it wants you to pay attention to the lesson and do the work in order to move forward. It’s the old slow teacher that won’t give you that hallway pass and who caught you and gave you detention in school. 

Retrograde Saturn we will be revisiting our contracts agreements communications. Offers can come up now to where you will need to make a fast decision.

The New Moon in May is Taurus in the Nakshatra of Rohini we may experience jealousy and envy. This will be an intense new moon as it will be joining Mars and just a few days later Pisces will be leaving dreamy Pisces for the fiery arms of Aires setting up June to be difficult with our relations and partnerships. I will go into this in more detail next month.


This is an action and forward moving month.  The new moon and full moon this month are quite amazing and with the added Sun,Moon,  Mars and Saturn influences it is a pretty auspicious month for personal achievement. From the 26th to the 30th we are given a lot of support and gifts from the heavens to realise our dreams and that which we hold deep in our heart. Hold it in your entire being with an unwavering conviction this entire month  pull your boot straps up and get it done. Watch your communication be alert and not emotional.  You are the pilot of your own destiny  and your dharma, path, target takes daily work no matter who you are. 

I send you allot of love and luck 

Siri Prakash

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Mantra For the Month -Clearing the Karma and Debt

Hummee Hum Brahm Hum

It means “We are we, we are God.”

It refers to us as the spirit of God. It is a mantra of profound meaning, not only in translation.  The sound “Hummm” is a bij mantra, or seed mantra, that vibrates within the heart chakra.

Taught Yogi Bhajan on April 19, 2001 in Los Angeles.
He said "The most difficult thing to believe is, "Humee Hum Brahm Hum," "We are we and we are God." The One who rotates this Earth can take care of your routine. Once you believe that you are God, Mother Nature will start working for you ... You have to learn to be. Just sit down, close your eyes, calm down and be. Be yourself! Not anybody else. Just a creative human being. Practice this meditation to be a creative human being."

Close your eyes and chant for 11-22 minutes