When the Planets are Meditating true changes occur- Vedic Forecast for April 2017


This month we have 4 planets retrograde  Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

When planets stop moving it is like being at a cross road and we have to make a choice. Our energies are turned inward and contemplative. We are pushed to re-examine what is occurring  in our relationships, examine our station in life and what brings us real joy and fulfilment.

Saturn has been stationary in Sagittarius and will go retrograde on the April 5th until  August  2017. Saturn is currently in a a part of the sky where the highest amount of electromagnetic waves are registered. When Saturn is stationary it has an incredible magnetised force that leaves a much more powerful imprint on us. We feel frustration, stress, increased tension combined with lower energy.

As Saturn begins its retrograde motion on the 5th and starts a very slow journey back into Scorpio we begin to revisit the same heavy lessons we encountered in 2016. We are being returned to school of hard knocks to learn that which we did not complete last year and finally wrap them up. What ever was unfinished In Saturn's retrograde motion you will address. The areas affected in your life depend on Saturn's placement in your personal chart. What is guaranteed is when you face them head and do the work you will succeed.

Venus has been retrograde since early March. Putting our relationships under the microscope. We have extra  pressure from authority figures in our life and we put more pressure on ourselves. In Venus retrograde we restructure our work and reevaluate our direction.

On April 8th the Moon joins Rahu in Leo. Rahu is all about illusion and brut force,  the influence it has on the moon gives us the experience of separation from the heart. Our ego and demands are inflated, we become difficult and demanding. This mix really does not give or promote a healthy sense of self .

Mercury will go retrograde on the 10th until May in Aries. This is a difficult placement for Mercury. Mercury is gentle and Aires is pure force. It is  activating the mercurial energy into being more forceful and opinionated we become impatient, quick to judge, impulsive, brash and lacking the normal evaluation grace and curiosity that Mercury brings.

The combination of theses planetary influences makes us tough on others and frankly we can be downright rude. Watch out and don’t get into fights that can have a longer term impact.

The full moon on the 10th joins retrograde Jupiter in Virgo. Practicality and mysticism are the theme when these two are joined together in the house owned by Mercury. The Full Moon in the Nakshatra of Chitra the star known as the Architect of the universe is opposite dreamy Pisces who is cradling exalted Venus we feel inspired yet grounded and connected with purpose.

What gives us some satisfaction in the first two weeks is the placement of the Sun in Pisces with exalted Venus stimulates, this blend of planets in Pisces stimulates a higher devotion and an increase in creativity.

The Sun moves into Aries where it is exalted on the 14th. The Sun illuminates everything it is the king of the sky its placement here we act with self assuredness and with power.

On April 15th Venus goes direct we reinvest, engage and move forward with better judgement after deep reflection and evaluation. This is supported by the Sun’s energy in Aires

The moon energies will be of discontentment and irritation  from the 17th- 22nd.  During these few days silence is the best remedy- it will do you good.

It  will join Saturn in Sagittarius on the 17th  and make its way to join Ketu in Aquarius on the 21st. The best use of this time to focus non material matters and rather of the beyond, your inner world where this energy can not touch you and you get glimpses and insights that are rare.

This time is the yogi’s dream where we release unnecessary junk and baggage that is holding us back

The energy ease when the Moon moves on and joines exalted Venus and aspected by Jupiter and we feel a genuine connection with what uplifts and inspires us.

On the 26th we have the new Moon in Aries in the Nakshatra of Aswini whose symbol is two horses demonstrating unchained power as it joins the exalted Sun. This combination makes us aggressive and expansive as we push forward into the next cycle, it is very good time for accomplishing tasks for launching a project

On the 28th is Akshaya Tritiya  when we have and exalted moon and exalted Sun very lucky day for launching a new project it is seen to bring prosperity. Do not miss this day to start something new.


The few weeks of the month are tough. Our life and perception can completely change direction now. Saturn is a no nonsense planet and task master of the sky. We are having to make external adjustments as well as internal. The retrograde planets drive us inward and gather power and experience to prepare us for the next step. We may feel fed up and stuck at the same time with all the personal and work demands that requires significant effort now.

The changes  we are being pushed to make are actually putting us on our true path. The last few days of the are highlighted with a a remarkably driven new moon on the 26th that is supported by an exalted Sun leading us to a very auspicious day on the 28th. It is Spring and we have Sprung.

I wish you lots of luck and send you lots of love


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Mantra for the for the Month

For this Mantra , Har is pronounced ‘Hud’ as you chant Har  the tongue should  touch the upper palate in your mouth. This is the key in stimulating  hypothalamus/pituitary gland.

You can chant this 11-31 minutes or as you most comfortable can.

This mantra has 40 sounds, which together balance the 5 tattvas (air, water, fire, earth, and ether), the 7 chakras and the arch line. This mantra can penetrate into anything and help avoid misfortune. It has the power to break through any resistance or obstacles.

Har Har Har Har Gobinday,  Har Har Har Har Mukanday, Har Har Har Har Udaaray
Har Har Har Har Apaaray, Har Har Har Har Hareeang, Har Har Har Har Kareeang
Har Har Har Har Nirnaamay, Har Har Har Har Akaamay