When the Light Comes In. Full Moon In Taurus Vedic Astology


Becoming strong and full at 7° Taurus the full Moon arrives in the transforming lunar house of Krittika nakshatra, known in the west as the seven stars of the Pleiades. Krittika is a sharp lunar sign ruled by Agni the transforming fire of illusion.

With the Moon under the gaze of a combust Jupiter, retrograde Mercury and fiery Mars, our mental and emotional energies are ignited and can quickly run into intense overdrive, filling us with a passion that needs an outlet.

We may feel a calling from deep within that certain changes are needed, yet we may not know, which way to chose. What is important now is not to rush, but to take your time in making firm and steady steps forward. Do not over pressurise yourself and try to accomplish everything at once, or even worse make impulsive and hasty decisions. Take your time, give it space to unfold until mid December.

Both of the key Lunar movements this month (new and full Moon) took place the homes owned by Venus. The new Moon was under the influence of retrograde Venus and now our full Moon is influenced by a combust Jupiter and Mercury retrograde. This combination heralds a time for us to analyse our own character and our tendencies, rather than point the finger and jump onto our soap box as the Sun and Jupiter can encourage us to do.

Our November full Moon is not a tender, even though it contains a powerful nurturing quality it wants to clear out quickly and without mincing words, we can be critical harsh just like a fire, the energy of the full Moon carries a potential and the resource to get things done and remove what is not needed. The key is in how you transform without setting everything ablaze, use your meditation and your mantra, call upon your breath when you are feeing the pressure allow these tools to work for you.

To conquer the mind is to conquer the world. ‘Guru Nanak

To conquer the mind is to conquer the world. ‘Guru Nanak

One this very special Taurus Full Moon we celebrate the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on Kartik Pooranmashi

Dhan Dhan Shri Baba Nanak

I send you love and luck in this full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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