Revolution and Revelation


Beautiful artwork by Jamila Starwater Tazewell

Becoming full at 6.43°of Gemini our last full Moon of 2018 draws resource in field of Ardra nakshatra a powerful place owned by the original form of Shiva, one that is intimately connected to the Kundalini Shakti.  

Under the cold and burning influence of the Sun and Saturn, directly in opposition to the Moon, these two powerful malefics capture the Moon with their aspect, leaving nowhere for our emotional and mental body to hide. The penetrating lesson Saturn delivers though the Moon is one of circumspection and forethought a commitment to taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions, Saturn is insisting the way forward is of maturity, deeply rooted in the security of who we really are.

The echo locator of our heart (the Sun) is communing with our desire (the Moon) from the very center of the galaxy a place loaded with immense potency and power, seated next to the largest black hole, singing the song of our soul desiring to be heard and witnessed.

As humans we are saturated in emotions, experiencing their friction against our thoughts and perceptions where they intertwine and colour our lives. The intensity of 2018 transits were  teaching us maturity and responsibility in the expression and processing of our emotions and our actions, our inactions, the karmas we have created.

We have collectively evolved and expanded this year as our consciousness and soul pushed at times to the limit , held accountable by the consequences of time. The December full Moon gives us a leap of power and strength to merge with ourselves, integrating the lessons of 2018, the Ardra Moon under its intensity of deliberation and consequences lead us to a very deep spiritual experience. The fierceness of Ardra nakshatra bring us to a tête-à-tête with our soul.

The two houses prominently activated during the full moon cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius are places that embrace change and breaking though. Places where we need to adapt, using our intelligence, faith and trust. Adra gives gains and success after struggle or search, this is seen with the lesson of the Rudra transforming into the auspicious Lord Shiva using his commitment, and unwavering determination to merge with the soul using one of the many the names of God to cut through the mind and its overflow into the subconscious were our thoughts and emotions hold us back.

Those who are running a Ketu or Saturn dashas or have a Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini or Aquarius or Capricorn ascendent or have the moon in Sagittarius will feel the impact of Moon the most.


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I send you lots of love and luck during this full Moon cycle put your effort in the coming year ahead and begin the search for the path that leads you to your goal.

Siri Prakash