I received many requests for a by sign summary of the Node Transits. I think it is helpful to give a short summary of the nodes in a simplistic way to help understand their meaning and application in our lives and how their transits practically play out through the communication from the cosmos assisting in the delivery of our karma's.

This is a very short summary of Rahu and Ketu as they deserve a separate and more honourable explanation.


Rahu and Ketu are points in space where there is occurrence of eclipses. They are not physical planets which can reflect light. Rahu and Ketu are also sometimes referred to as shadow planets. Rahu is the north node of the moon and Ketu is the south node of the moon. Rahu and Ketu are always placed opposite to each other (7th from each other)in the birth chart.   

Rahu makes you crave all of the materialistic  things in life, money, cars, notoriety. Rahu very intelligent and trick it wants to get things done through shortcuts. It is one half of a Naga (Dragon/Snake from the Vedas) that was cut in half. Rahu is it’s head. That is enough of an image to tell you what it is going to do.  

Rahu sits in is the house where we have the least experience. At the same time it is the house that we become obsessive about. We want to do whatever it takes to conquer what the that house represents this is due to its the malefic nature. IT can be very unscrupulous and aggressive in achieving its desires. It is wild and unpredictable.

Rahu brings a worldly desire that is insatiable, its element is Air and therefore can be easily modified by any planet who joins it. Rahu likes to cloud our judgement and our perception, creating illusion. It makes us obsessive

Ketu represents moksha and spirituality.   It’s  the opposite of Rahu. Ketu is liberation and non attachment. It helps to remove what no longer serves us and brings us closer to our highest wisdom. It leads us through the maze of material illusion, that is if we turn inward

Ketu wants to get detached from the worldly things and go towards spirituality / higher learnings. The house Ketu is in is the house we have expertise in and we no longer are interested in it.  We won’t feel the need to achieve the things of the house ketu sits this can lead to neglect. Ketu is the other half of the Naga the lower half where the waste is released

Rahu and Ketu are about expansion and hard work. Expanding the self and our consciousness and the path we must take to develop and reach our destiny. Rahu represents new territories and Ketu the secure place we know well and fall back to when difficulties kicks in  

Rahu can act like Saturn and Ketu like Mars and neither are ever satisfied

The summary below is a general overview there are many things to consider in a chart to accurately detail how it will impact you personally.  For personal readings  and an in depth look at what this influence means with your unique chart and planetary configuration.  Please contact spk@inthenameoftehcosmos.com

I wish you love and luck their transit

Siri Prakash

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General Overview by Ascendant or  Moon Sign

Remember the task is to bring balance to these themes that are being activated in your chart. Putting the head back onto the snake so to speak

Aries Your inner and outer world activation

Rahu in 4th During this transit is a time period where what nourishes you , your inner world , your contentment including the mother, and the attraction of wealth. Here Rahu can manifest an increase in travel since Rahu disturbs both positively and negatively. It also can mean you are due for a move. Rahu can bring an increase in responsibilities and the need to put more effort in your 4th house activities. It can activate the need to control others fix others, instead of strengthening your your overall position , the ultimate distractor Rahu is with its tricks. Rahu transit in Cancer, may make you feel insecure or create fears of losing your prestige your position and honour.  

Ketu transit in Capricorn in your 10th can mean a difficult time period in your career and professional/ public matters. Ketu is not interested in cultivating it is interested in releasing. Your authority may be challenged or difficulties with your boss or a desire to change your job . Wherever Ketu is placed it's motivated to release and move on

Taurus  Enthusiasm,  Action New Skills and Connection

The Rahu transit in Cancer in your 3rd house will be favourable and beneficial in multiple ways. Communications, media, travel, are all activated . Its a good time to learn new skills and with Ketu in the 9th it may be higher education in order to master or to gain more insight. It’s a good time to experiment with new ideas and present your ideas. Malefic planets do well very well here  so take advantage of this transit

The Ketu transit in your 9th house in Capricorn is a good period for learning  It can be a time where a teacher comes into your life. This intelligent questioning and thoughtful reflection occur in this house. Opportunities to set out on travels to places on a pilgrimage or religious nature. Take care and don't be lazy in this period put in the efforts otherwise you may miss out

Gemini The Wealth of You

Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in the 8th. 2nd house of family, values and wealth. The 8th is the uncontrolled and unknown, the occult. Understanding your value through hidden knowledge is the key to this placment. The Rahu transit in your 2nd House will throw the spotlight onto your finances by creating challenges and complications. Teaching your to respect and value what you have and yourself for that matter. It is making your actualise yourself in a solid manner.

Since it is a snake (so to speak) it can turn either way it is unpredictable it can either bring gains or losses, it depends on your relation to the currency of you. So take care.

Ketu transit in your 8th in Capricorn will bring unexpected  results since this is the house of the unknown. You will be on search to uncover this could be an interest in occult, mysticism and philosophy. THis can be your salvation as the 8th house can be a difficult transit. As you try to find yourself you can seem eccentric and you may even behave quite differently to what your family and friend may be used to and this can cause tension. It can bring with it unexpected gains this does not only relate to money.  

Cancer  Recognition and Connection.  

Rahu in your 1st the 7th Your  the focus will be on the self and bring in new relations. The rebirth and renewal of yourself of the physical self,  physical transformation and house  partnerships and marriage.

The Rahu transit may cause some discomfort like a growth spurt if you like. Start mixing with people and present your ideas confidently. Work on building your own unique identity Rahu helps with this task in this placement it will teach how to act quickly based on your instincts and you will emerge stronger and more refined after its transit

Avoid  over-thinking as this can lead to confusion and muddy thoughts .

Ketu transit in your 7th house in Capricorn may cause problems in your ability to handle or manage your relationships,  misunderstandings and heated up arguments can come up out of nowhere.  Make sure the commitments you make are commitments you can keep Partners and relations challenged and it can be difficult to find common ground  

Leo  Exploring the Hidden Personality and the Destruction of Enemies

Rahu in the 12th and Ketu in the 6th Travel and explorations hidden personality. 
The Rahu transit in Cancer in your 12th house of the subconscious, hidden self and travel can cause changes you already know are coming as well as a few surprises  in spiritual development

Important is not to get lost or try to escape even though you are tempted and have the desire either in addictions, and fantasy keep living in the heart. This is a good time for seeking alternative therapies and practices this will satisfy the urge of Rahu. Dig in and face your challenges bravely what is waiting on the other side this transit it worth fighting for.  Watch your spending.

Ketu transit in your 6th house in Capricorn this placement will help to balance Rahu. It will bring you courage and fearlessness, a real force to be reckoned with Ketu will ensure that you are able to achieve the desired results through your own efforts. You will be able to command more respect and by your sheer force this will make you noticed Difficult and unresolved issues can finally be sorted out with Ketu's placement here including health issues

Virgo Gains and Connection

The Rahu transit in Cancer is a highly auspicious transit for you and will bring gains from multiple areas in your life. Rahu in the 11th House is extremely favourable one in brings of income, increase in status and popularity. Rahu also touches and expands business and client opportunities it attracts the right opportunities during its transit with a connection with larger groups improving your financial gains Social life and social circle will expand and you will be more cooperative. It can bring about technical spiritual skills as it activates past life deeds (purva punya bhava) for good or bad

The Ketu transit in Capricorn in your 5th house your focus will not be here and topics relating to the 5th house, such as creativity, expression. Rahu here can make you selfish, express a lack of understanding of others it also can cloud your mind.  

Libra Outer and Inner Life Balance  

Rahu in the 10th house of Fame and fame and connection to working with people, the house of your karma , the 4th house is makes separates  or where you not pay attention to what nourishes your, can be your home it is your contentment.

Rahu in the 10th House brings changes in your life with an element of uncertainty and disruption. Your work and status can suddenly change position in regards to work, difficulties with bosses can be seen with Rahu in the 10th. Difficulty with expenses and finances. Do not overspend in this time. Rahu will put you to work harder and without distractions.  Focus and take care of your professional life during this transit and security will come

Ketu in your 4th house in  Capricorn will raise issues of the home and what nourishes you what brings you satisfaction. You may find it difficult to express your feelings and to be understood. Can also indicate that you have to travel for work and this is what is separating you from your home.


Scorpio  Looking at the Bigger Picture

The 9th house connection with higher learning , technologies and the 3rd house aggressive and dominating in your communications. The Rahu transit in Cancer in your 9th house can make you change in your views regarding culture, religion, your personal beliefs and values. The transit of Rahu in the 9th House triggers the interest and opportunities to explore new cultures, traditions and places. Learn to trust your instincts more and have faith in your capabilities

You will develop a keen interest in different cultures and desire to know the unique traditions and teachings  of different religions. Make sure to not the spiritual smorgasbord as this leads to a lot of useless and meaningless information which will not satisfy your soul desire.

The Ketu transit in Capricorn in your 3rd house  will be good for you but can be difficult for others your communication can become aggressive and overly blunt  During the Ketu transit in Capricorn, you will be able to experience higher level of success in your endeavours partly from your confidence and enthusiasm boost it will bring.

Sagittarius  Regeneration and Cunning Action

Rahu in the 8th  The 8th house focus on gains in the unknown and the 2nd house of values Rahu in the 8th House During the Rahu transit in Cancer, Important to take care of your mind, meditation is key for you during this transit. Hidden fears can come up . What you hide can come out into the light, which can actually be good for you. This house is dealing with our most hidden fears. In the quest to achieve security and stability, try to not be too rigid. Resist trying to control others, try to be light-hearted and flexible this will help you through this period.  

The Ketu in the 2nd house in Capricorn has a tendency to make people rash break things since it is transiting your 2nd house of values and finances take care and try your vey best no to  react. A harshness in speech can take over during this transit and you may face issues and fight with coworkers, partners , bosses these are all more sensitive and likely to bring negative consequences.  Make your financial and investment choices with careful thought, as problems may arise later.

Capricorn  The Dance of You or Me

Rahu transiting in Cancer your 7th activating your house of partnerships. Communication gap can create misunderstandings which can lead to problems in your relationship. The good news is this transit effect will soften over time. The tasks for this transit is to develop your interpersonal skills and work towards presenting your ideas to others in a more convincing manner. Work on your communication and personal skills, try to be not so heavy handed and tray to take things more easy and observe before your react. Listen to others and give them a chance to be heard this is for both personal and business relations

The Ketu transit in Capricorn on your 1st house may prove to be challenging period  filled with confusion  and doubt. Ketu in this position removes confidence. It plants a seed of doubt and you may find it difficult to take decisions as quickly as before. It can also dampen your enthusiasm and initiative. The feelings of detachment and aloofness might just get stronger while the transit of Ketu takes hold. Ketu in the 1st house is the house of self, can make you  very hard on yourself  

Aquarius  Competition and Clearing

The Rahu transit in Cancer in your 6th house will benefit your stamina and endurance you will be able to tackle and make positive changes with renewed energy. Since it sitting in your house of competition you will be more equipped pursue your dreams, career pursuits it gives you an advantage.  You will focus on paying off debt and improving your finances. Money making opportunities or offers  can come from unusual places  Watch your health during its transit

Ketu transiting your 12th  house in Capricorn will prove to be mostly beneficial for as you will be able to master the 'art of letting go' and becoming realistic and  realising that all situations are not under your control. Health and healing including alternative healing and  Focus on helping the sick and being of service.


Pisces  Emotional investments and Challenging Partnerships

Rahu Transit through your 5th house in Cancer affect your ability to concentrate and keep your mind stable, you mind will be filled with creativity and ideas just make sure not to be creative with your finances if you know what I mean....  take care it is really easy to act fast with haste and make a mistake that can cost you allot.  Having said that the 5th house activates past life deeds (purva punya bhava) and unexpected gains can come to you.

The Ketu transit in your 11th house in Capricorn will prove to be a beneficial period for you as with gains and an increase in your professional field bringing a good result

You will be able to earn well during the stay of Ketu in the 11th House. You will be able to devise intelligent strategies to achieve all that you have dreamt of in the recent times and will be able to fullfill your desires.