The Unsettled Mind, Full Moon in Mula Nakshatra June 2018 Vedic Astorlogy


Full Moon in Mula Nakshatra On June 27 US / early June 28 in Early Morning 

The story of time and karma as told through the eyes of the Moon in the company of Saturn, happens  at the very the center of our galaxy, a place loaded with an immense potency and power, where a massive black hole is known to reside.

The Moon is now caught between two powerful malefics leaving nowhere for our emotional and mental body to hide. The penetrating lesson Saturn delivers to our Manas ( mind) is one of circumspection and forethought, a commitment in taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions. Insisting the way forward is one done in maturity, rooted in the security of who we really are.

We are evolving and expanding as our consciousness grasps the consequence of time and the gravity of our choices in a very tangible way. There is no better moment to find ourselves , the lessons of deliberation and consequences can lead us to a very deep spiritual experience.

These magnificent planets are conspiring for your success, freeing you for new opportunities and perspectives. The revolution and revelation are stirring within us. The beauty arises when we are open to what is and who we came here to be.

Those running a Ketu or Saturn dashas or have a Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini or Aquarius or Capricorn ascendent  or have the moon in Sagittarius will feel the impact of this the most.

We are getting just at the beginning of tough summer with the door to the eclipses now open

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I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash