Locating The Beat Of Our Heart October Full Moon

Image Nasa

Image Nasa

Becoming full at 7 °06 of Aries on Wednesday, October 24th the bright full Moon in the field of Ashwini nakshatra, a part of the sky where two very bright and prominent stars, Hamal (alpha arietis) and Sheratan (beta arietis) are located. A highly motivational space filled with the knowing of how to shift the currents of our heart and actions, to our desired and destined direction.

Mars is a key in directing the energy of our October full Moon, not only as it depositor in Aries but with its beneficial 4th aspect from its exaltation point in Capricorn. Energizing and influencing the Moon with a sheer force of inspiration and will, lighting us up from within so that we can emanate and transmit its creative force, allowing its warmth and passion to lead us to the very beat of our heart. Mars, you see is reading our pulse.

Our inner fire is our sacred gift to be used wisely to activate our life force, putting it to good use where we are inspired and leads us to our dharma. What will need tending to during this lunar cycle is the quickness of our mind and emotions, which will be operating quite fast and with a pointed sharpness. In this period we can become emotionally aggressive and reactive in a way that only ends up hurting us. It is an influence that comes from a place where we may have felt contained or controlled over the last few months, spilling over of what has been stuck within us to be released.

Mars is sharing its powerful energy to propel us forward over the next few weeks before he leaves his place of exaltation in November, this is a chance to harness it and use it to our advantage. Don’t allow the commotion of emotions over take you.

With the windy, cold and dry seasonal changes upon us now in the northern hemisphere, we begin a time where Vata qualities are activated so get out your moisturizing oils and use them liberally, oils are stabilizing to our nervous system and help to insulate our body, you may try adding some citrus olis to awaken the mind or a frankincense oil for protection. With the Sun debilitated in Libra it’s likely that we are in need of a little extra care now.

On the 23rd the night before the full Moon marks the harvest festival known as Sharad Poornima (‘Early Autumn Full Moon’) dedicated to Lakshmi, the goddess of spiritual and material prosperity. It is believed that she grants blessings of abundance to those who stay awake on this night, honouring her.

Be blessed, be bright and keep connected to your heart

I send you lots of love during the Full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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