The Kings Counsel, Leo New Moon in Magha Nakshatra

Art work by luna.linguna

Art work by luna.linguna

The path of our consciousness the Moon merges with our soul the Sun at 12°00 Leo in the home of the king, holding court in the nakshatra of Magha a royal star associated with our spiritual ancestors, our spiritual DNA, our efforts from previous births that has carried over into this life.

The throne of the King is filled with the counsel as the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus all under the glare and the heat of the Sun, indicates irritability and potential conflicts in partnerships, government and authorities awakening and stirring up of global karma.

Leo’s imperial authority is strikingly dominant this new Moon with a total of five planets indicating that September can be a time of sorting out administrative or management matters in the workplace, communications with the government, and experiences that requires us to ‘pay one’s respects to the king’ in some way.

In the days surrounding the new Moon our physical and mental energy may be lowered as the empty Moon is surrounded by the four fired planets all demanding attention, be mindful not to rush.

The Leo New Moon strongly indicates we have practical and karmic debts coming due now, what is on offer is space where we can forgive or be forgiven for debts and errors, the releasing of grudges and the sacrificing of our selfish desires, that will opening the locks that kept us from fully blooming.

The Sun, the King is the anchor in the energetic matrix as the center of our solar system. Leo /Magha is the pure power found in truth, an open heart and shared strength, illuminating and uplifting its domain, just as a good king who cares and protects his people and kingdom (planet earth) If not justice comes from higher dimensions and the deliverance of guidance from other realms.

The planetary influences at the time of the August New Moon gives us an indication of themes that will characterize the next 30 days, September is already coming in with a strong need to care for our duties and pay attention to the details .

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Siri Prakash

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