Commitment and Prosperity Vedic Full Moon August 15th


The Moon takes her journey to the house of Capricorn arriving at her fullness at 28° in a home governed  by Saturn in the nakshatra of Dhanishta.

Capricorn is the feminine reflective quality of Saturn where we feel emotionally and experience it psychologically. A place where our consciousness takes its experience and sums up of all that has transpired, offering a moment of calm perception after a few months months of roller coaster rides, turbulence, and obstacles.  

The resource that Capricorn provides the Moon is the capacity to face what we need to, and the endurance to withstand the challenges and fears we must face on our path of our dharma. 

Saturn the depositor of the Moon, remains intertwined with Ketu in retrograde motion, reminding us that our new foundations require patience to build them properly.  This combination leaves no stone unturned and challenges our core commitment, reminding us to slow down and steady ourselves, and to commit to a path of action that aligns with our long-term goals. 

The fire energy has been riding high these several few weeks and now with Venus combust combust and Mars powerful Leo, challenges are felt in our communication and relations. The gift of the bright August Moon brings in a coolness and the chance to collect of our thoughts where we can make corrections to our actions and our reactions. A time for creating and sorting our structure and a time to stabilize our fickle mind that changes at a moment’s notice when guided fiery emotions.

Use the calmness of Saturn infused Moon and examine and refresh your tools and thoughts, stay committed to the connection with your heart and with your higher mind and be always kind.

The Infinite one is always in constant play with us through the maya of the earth reminds us to see the Gurprasad in everything , from the karma to the dharma

I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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