The Rebirth of Spirit and Will November 12th Aries Full Moon Vedic Astrology

Becoming full at 26°Aries in the lunar house of Bharani, the very place of birth and beginnings where we become alive and new experiences begin. Infused with the shakti of the divine feminine, filling the Moon with the power and will, igniting our conscious mind with courage to live in the present moment.

The full Moon energy directs us to find and express our individual strength. It brings out our warrior side, which we need to move through the world to survive, we are reminded of our most basic drives, and may feel compelled to express our individual strength and courage finding more remembrance of what it feels like to be a strong and healthy individual.

Aspected by a retrograded Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, we are in a good place to perceive our current situation with strength and Venus and Mars who are enjoying an exchange.

The day before the full Moon , on 11/11 Mercury makes a rare transit the in front of the the Sun ‘eclipsing’ it. Mercury is also being transformed and re-birthed where we are going to feel Mercury’s lessons from this point forward being delivered with more strength, it wants us to encapsulate this idea of as above, so below, so we can be in rhythm and in sync with the Universe that lives inside of us and all around us.

This full moon is the celebration of Kartik Puranmashi, the culmination of holy bathing days in India where lamps are lit on the bank of the Ganges to celebrate Lord Shiva’s victory over oppression and darkness.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 11.41.27.png

It is also the anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a great teacher of the Aquarian age revered by Hindus, Sikhs, Tibetan buddhists and Muslim alike, all claiming him as a master teacher. Celebrated throughout the world for his political, social and spiritual beliefs, are based on love, equality, fraternity and virtue, his teaching was simple, pure and timeless, we all are equal, and equally loved by God, no matter how we worship.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 11.39.42.png

On this full Moon Shiva emerges victorious, Guru Nanak emerges, we too given the gift of birth emerging from what restricted and weighed us down, rising from the heaviness that has been upon us for the last two months due to heavy planetary shifts, emerging stronger and ready claim responsibility of our destiny.

The closing of an important chapter of 2019 is upon us and it will end with a dozy of an eclipse in Sagittarius. To see where this is affecting you and to look ahead in 2020 you can book a reading by following the link below or email me to schedule a reading 📩 email , slots are quickly filling up.

May we rise and learn to care for one another more deeply, hold space for peace, and for each other in every aspect of our daily lives.

I send you love and luck in the Full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius

North east.jpg

Moving at more than twice his normal speed Jupiter moves quickly through his home of Sagittarius the first few months of his transit, heading quickly towards Capricorn entering on March 24th, where he begins to slow down his pace to retrograde motion May 15th slowly making his way back home to Sagittarius on June 30th finally turning direct on September 13th where he will remain until November of 2020.

At the very start of this transit complex transit, Jupiter encounters two of the most challenging planets upon his arrival home giving quite some significance to this celestial movement and then in December he will be tangled the year end major solar eclipse.

Until the third week of January Sagittarius and Gemini become strongly activated by both the expansive influence of Jupiter and the actualising influence of Saturn. For several months Saturn and Ketu have been shaking the sign of Sagittarius where we may have experienced being plunged into challenges and perhaps even chaos. Jupiter has been somewhat blocked in Scorpio and now faces obstacles in Sagittarius, it is not until after January when we can better connect with and experience his positive energy and uplift once he moves past Ketu and when Saturn moves out of Sagittarius into his own sign of Capricorn in January.

Jupiter’s initial transit into Sagittarius will be restoring stability, truth and growth to an environment that has been subject to a dismantling over the last several months. With Jupiter’s speed of motion it may give a sense of urgency or insecurity, this is especially tricky during the Mercury retrograde. Make sure to take time to deliberate and carefully analyse before making Jupiter-and Mercury related decisions such as financial management, business expansion and education.

Saturn is our roots and Jupiter is our fruit, we need both to manifest. Jupiter aspires to reach heaven and Saturn establishes the firm foundations and with Ketu interconnected with them clearing the field for the many blessings to com in 2020.

I send you love and luck with Jupiter’s transit

Siri Prakash

Calling in the Light of Individuality Diwali New Moon

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 16.40.48.png

The Moon joins the Sun in an intimate embrace in the sign of Libra in the lunar house of Swati nakshatra, where only a few hours earlier Venus left the Sun to join Jupiter, Mercury In Scorpio forming a union of benefic planets called a Saraswati yoga, bringing infinite blessings to our Diwali new Moon, filling it with shakti and power to go deeper to find our footing.

In the western hemisphere as the days get shorter and the darkness of night is lengthens heralds a time where we can experience confusion, fear and overall malaise. A time of year when the Sun sits in his sign of debilitation the house of Libra delivering with its lesson in the practice self care, boundaries and borders.

The Sun is our strength and vitality and Libra is a sign of compromise the summing up where our resources and strength may have become diminished, where we may have over extended and spent too much time going outside of ourselves creating an imbalance in replenishing our resources.

Swati nakshatra informs the Moon with a lesson of individuality, selfish need to be ourselves a need to define what is our baseline, where we stand, even if we feel uneasy trying to find the stillness, we must find our individuality to stand on our own even in the forces of change and challenge, growing from our own roots.

The cycle of the new Moon reminds and encourages us to ignite our own inner light and life force every single day. As the light returns to us through our devotional practice and with pranayam and exercises/ movement (yoga), the force of life floods light though our entire being, where we become ignited and radiant with dynamic strength, the magnetic force of our being to co create with the Universe calling in what we desire through through our light and using it to guide our own individual way.

As we are in the season of Vata (Wind) energy due to seasonal change and the New Moon’s Nakshatra it leads to a tendency of drying out and spacing out. Contributing even further we are spending more time indoors which leads to increased time spent on our computers which is Vata activating and with the heat turned on it creates and fosters imbalances. 

To support our vitality and functionality nature comes to the rescue and provides us with foods that counter and help balance these energies.  Eat and drink warming, grounding sweet and moistening foods. Eat good oils and use body oils almond, sesame in combination with etheric oils, such are pure sandalwood,  frankincense which are great healers and protectors. Chywanaprash and amala are good to consume now.

Diwali is the victory of light over darkness, which is something to rejoice and have faith in. Actively creating positive internal changes is the best way to begin growing and spreading it externally. On this Diwali New Moon feel blessed and set intentions for increased health, wealth and happiness in your life and the lives of those you love. Cleaning your house and organizing replacing broken items and replacing them with new are good practices. Create your home space as if your were inviting God to live with you everyday.

We are only a few days from Jupiter saying goodbye to Scorpio and just over two months left in this decade don’t wait for change stand in your light and use the energy to make meaningful changes.

The Mantra for the Month is Ang Sung Wahe Guru 

This mantra expresses a universal truth. Repeating it creates a thought, which gradually guides the psyche to adjust itself. It reconnects every fragmented projection of the psyche, each separated part of the body, and synchronises the finite sense of self to the Infinite Oneness. This act of rejoining the separated parts is the quintessential act of healing. Under attack, under war, under the pressures of fear, this mantra keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. It brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit.

Try it for 40 days 3-11 minutes a day and see what happens!

Yogi Bhajan said ‘’if you have put God outside of you, there’s nothing in you, and that’s why you’re suffering.”  “You need a reality that Ang Sang Wahe Guru, with every limb, with thirty trillion cells of you which change themselves every seventy-two hours, God is in you.”

embrace the creative power of this river goddess until the banks of your lives are overflowing and spilling with joy.

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The human spirit is strong and light always penetrates the darkness I send you love and luck during the new Moon cycle


Full Moon in Pisces in the Grace of the Flow


A blessed full Moon arrives at nearly 26° of Pisces exactly aspected by Jupiter, on a day dedicated to Laxshmi, staging a cycle of time that is auspicious and positive for growth.

Becoming full in Revati Nakshatra, a space in the sky that is governed by Mercury making the combined influence of Jupiter and Mercury a positive transition as we leave behind defunct emotions, irrelevant memories and lost ideas in an act of consciously letting go. 

Revati suggests a need for us to share our grace, kindness, and compassion in by doing so we are nourished and protected in the face of change or transition, teaching us the more we flow the more we grow, it is in giving we are replenished.

Through the 26th Rahu will influence  Mercury and a strong Venus making us we are more open to flashes of inspiration, creative expression, networking, making of business plans and deepening of out relationships.

The opposition to the Moon is fire of the Sun and Mars in Virgo revealing some data or information that is missing in our plans and projects that needs to be integrated rather quickly. Another energy we must consider is through January 2020, both Saturn and Rahu are aspecting sign of Aquarius (check which house this is for you) and as in all Full Moons they tend to bring mental and emotional energy quite high the effects that Rahu and Saturn add some pressure/practicality from Saturn's side and bit of paranoia/innovation from Rahu's.

The night of this Full Moon is dedicated to Lakshmi, the goddess of spiritual and material prosperity, granting blessings of abundance to those who stay awake on this night, worshipping her and fasting on milk or a cooling, lunar-governed substitute such as coconut water, that has been kept outside in an open vessel to absorb the cooling, calming essence of moonlight. 

We came on this planet to grow which most of us experience through pressure and letting go as we transition to our next stage. Face your challenges with enthusiasm and a sense of play becoming stronger and brighter. Find the comfort in the discomfort cross the threshold of your challenges and become visible to the universe so that miracles can find you.

I send you love and luck during the Full Moon Cycle

Siri Prakash

Tapping into our Potential September Full Moon in Aquarius

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.29.04.png

The cosmic address of the September full Moon is found at 26°of Aquarius in the home of the austere planet Saturn, a place filled with electricity ruled the deeply mystical deity Ajaikapada, part Naga and part Rudra, a place intimately connected to the Kundalini Shakti, in the lunar mansion known as Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

The Moon (our consciousness) takes its journey through this fierce and stormy place on a hunt for deeper meaning, seeking to clear the path of outdated concepts and attachments, like a lightning strike creating a flash of light to give a glimpse of what is to come, pulling our awareness towards the bigger picture, compelling us to make commitments to something greater than ourselves and our momentary happiness.

The penetrating lesson Saturn delivers though the Moon is one of circumspection and forethought a commitment to taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions, to find our depth and foundation, we are best served when aligned with our focus and purpose.

As humans we are saturated in emotions, experiencing their friction against our thoughts and perceptions where they intertwine and colour our lives. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra suggests that there is something to sort out in how we reflect our interior world with our exterior world and get it straightened out rather quickly.

The Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter all at play in this full Moon helping us build, plan, grow and expand revealing the people, places and things that are in place to help us toward our expansion and growth, while also exposing that which is threatening our growth so that it can be recycled or transformed.

September full Moon cycle is a time we we are busy taking care of business and facing the facts our of life, practically, emotionally and psychologically, standing for what we believe, standing in service and connection to our tribe/community by being active, pushing harder for results.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and make things work on practical levels, keep it organised and balanced and you’ll receive rewards for your courage in seeing the broader context.

Make sure to get physical exercise everyday this will help to release any tension and anxiety you may feel. This is not a time for being sedentary. Go outdoors breathe in the fresh air and allow Mother Nature to nurture you.

Lean on your Mantra use it to interrupt any negative thoughts that come up that impedes your progress, use mantra to feel and experience the sound of divine dancing in all of your cells and elevating your frequency, creating your own still point, a perfectly balanced position that keeps you aligned with your purpose, despite any chaos and distractions of the outer world.

I send you lots of love during this full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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The Kings Counsel, Leo New Moon in Magha Nakshatra

Art work by luna.linguna

Art work by luna.linguna

The path of our consciousness the Moon merges with our soul the Sun at 12°00 Leo in the home of the king, holding court in the nakshatra of Magha a royal star associated with our spiritual ancestors, our spiritual DNA, our efforts from previous births that has carried over into this life.

The throne of the King is filled with the counsel as the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus all under the glare and the heat of the Sun, indicates irritability and potential conflicts in partnerships, government and authorities awakening and stirring up of global karma.

Leo’s imperial authority is strikingly dominant this new Moon with a total of five planets indicating that September can be a time of sorting out administrative or management matters in the workplace, communications with the government, and experiences that requires us to ‘pay one’s respects to the king’ in some way.

In the days surrounding the new Moon our physical and mental energy may be lowered as the empty Moon is surrounded by the four fired planets all demanding attention, be mindful not to rush.

The Leo New Moon strongly indicates we have practical and karmic debts coming due now, what is on offer is space where we can forgive or be forgiven for debts and errors, the releasing of grudges and the sacrificing of our selfish desires, that will opening the locks that kept us from fully blooming.

The Sun, the King is the anchor in the energetic matrix as the center of our solar system. Leo /Magha is the pure power found in truth, an open heart and shared strength, illuminating and uplifting its domain, just as a good king who cares and protects his people and kingdom (planet earth) If not justice comes from higher dimensions and the deliverance of guidance from other realms.

The planetary influences at the time of the August New Moon gives us an indication of themes that will characterize the next 30 days, September is already coming in with a strong need to care for our duties and pay attention to the details .

I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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Commitment and Prosperity Vedic Full Moon August 15th


The Moon takes her journey to the house of Capricorn arriving at her fullness at 28° in a home governed  by Saturn in the nakshatra of Dhanishta.

Capricorn is the feminine reflective quality of Saturn where we feel emotionally and experience it psychologically. A place where our consciousness takes its experience and sums up of all that has transpired, offering a moment of calm perception after a few months months of roller coaster rides, turbulence, and obstacles.  

The resource that Capricorn provides the Moon is the capacity to face what we need to, and the endurance to withstand the challenges and fears we must face on our path of our dharma. 

Saturn the depositor of the Moon, remains intertwined with Ketu in retrograde motion, reminding us that our new foundations require patience to build them properly.  This combination leaves no stone unturned and challenges our core commitment, reminding us to slow down and steady ourselves, and to commit to a path of action that aligns with our long-term goals. 

The fire energy has been riding high these several few weeks and now with Venus combust combust and Mars powerful Leo, challenges are felt in our communication and relations. The gift of the bright August Moon brings in a coolness and the chance to collect of our thoughts where we can make corrections to our actions and our reactions. A time for creating and sorting our structure and a time to stabilize our fickle mind that changes at a moment’s notice when guided fiery emotions.

Use the calmness of Saturn infused Moon and examine and refresh your tools and thoughts, stay committed to the connection with your heart and with your higher mind and be always kind.

The Infinite one is always in constant play with us through the maya of the earth reminds us to see the Gurprasad in everything , from the karma to the dharma

I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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Careful Preparation through Connection Vedic New Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 13.49.16.png

Luna’, from the wedding album of Costanzo Sforza & Camilla, Marzano d'Aragona

Cancer, the sign of the Mother a place that holds the deep reservoirs of memories linking us to the past and to our origins, is the field where our emotional body of experiences the new Moon at 13° in Pushya nakshatra.

The Moon is counseled by four planets -Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in the sign of the sensitive Crab, our emotional body has shifted from a chatty Gemini, dissolving into a period emotional depth where buried emotions get pushed into flow in the high tide emotional thoughts.

Glancing at the Moon from Scorpio a retrograde Jupiter calls for us to work on our unresolved emotional patterns that are buried where we may have pain around not belonging or feeling disconnected from friends and family. The vulnerability that arises now could be the missing link that allows for more meaningful connections. Examining our family bonds and histories may help us to heal as we begin a new cycle of relating to our emotions and sensitivity.

Anger and heartbreak can be catalysts for change, coming into our heart is where our true courage lives, with the power of 108 Suns, it gives us strength to be who we are without repression, control, or influence from outside authority.

Cancer is the great sensitive and mystical mother, this field owned by the Moon prioritizes vulnerability, care, and genuine human connection over empty achievement and material gain.

Our openness, genuineness, and emotional depth are our real gifts. They’re ready to root deeper, both within us and in society.

As we get ready to step into August, we push the reset button. Sit back, as the Moon merges into the Sun, still the mind and heart while you prepare for new directions even though the details haven't become clear as the recent dissolution activated by the eclipses has not yet actually concluded. We're still in the flow of change and transition that requires full attention,and faith.

The world changes according to our perception. Ask yourself how to adjust your points of view so you can generate more hope and positivity? How can you turn your consciousness and action toward the light as you remembering that your job is to open your heart and live fully no matter what. The Universe always mets us as we step forward, embracing us as we embrace ourselves completely.

Pushya nakshatra is a blossoming fortune that comes work it’s not the role of a dice, your karma generates your fortune well informed action is to constantly put your knowledge into action

Shabad for the new Moon Aad Pooran Madh Pooran Ant Pooran Paramaysureh

Send you lots of love and luck 

Siri Prakash

Dissolving Fears and Anxiety July Vedic Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

Image Hima Klimt

Image Hima Klimt

Becoming full at 29° the Moon receives the messages of Saturn and Ketu under the gaze of Rahu, Venus and the Sun. Opening a gate for us to break free from the stagnate holding patterns of the past to awaken to new worlds of possibility.

Saturn and Ketu stimulate our overactive thoughts, irritation activating old emotional wounds, shifts in dynamics in love, friendships, and financial agreements as Venus attempts to adjust the scales of needs and desires.  Saturn, Ketu and the Moon want us to ground and still our minds rallying the courage to face our shadows and fears, to look our shame and heartbreak, allowing them to be released.

Collectively we are all caught in an acceleration of maturity and wisdom that comes along with it. This lunar eclipse is a portal of decisions, Saturn helps us dismantle old, outworn belief systems and philosophies and Ketu crumbles the familiar structures letting them continue to fall away. As we bring our shadows to the light of awareness, we’re supported in liberating ourselves from harmful patterns and habituations.

We are all blessed and protected by our guides, teachers and mentors in each every moment , and as the July full Moon is falls under Uttara Ashadha nakshatra it becomes “the full moon of the Guru,” known as Guru Purnima in India, a special day for us honour teachers, mentors, and guides. With so many teaching entities (planets) counselling the Moon it promises a coming dawn after situations that are marked by trouble or difficulty.

Always remember that wisdom is available to all of us from the depths of our beings, It’s important we keep our hearts open as we continue the work we came here to do on this polarity planet.

For the next few days we may experience or witness intense mood swings and need to keep our communications in check as we are crossing a threshold, indicating a disconnect or breakdown between the balance of expansion and contraction.

The journey is the goal and it is the joy that comes when we stay present in the moment, embracing all that is good and bad, light and dark, ease and struggle with equal measure.

I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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Accelerating Change Solar Eclipse July 2nd 2019


image archdigest

The path of our consciousness intersects with our soul at 16° of Gemini in Ardra nakshatra the red pulsating star of clearing and cleansing. The intensity of June leads us to solutions in July, where it’s not quite a time of celebration but one of acceleration, as the very fibre of our being is being rewired to become who we are, without fear, rapidly evolving our more enlightened qualities, balancing our pragmatism with intuition and sensitivity, as we prepare for a new paradigm.

At the time of the eclipse, Saturn opposes the Sun and Venus, forcing growth, the dropping of our patterns specifically in relationships and in what gives us stability.  It is through the Moon, the lens of our emotional body who takes on the energy of Adra locating the root of what plagues us , gifting us with a precision in how to resolve it, becoming reborn.

Saturn and Ketu continue to be intertwined within a degree activating a sense of survival and surrender, pain and problems. Both Saturn and Ketu prefer meditation and both like control and structure and this why it is good to have a daily practice to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Emotional balance this summer is key, pay attention to chaotic mood fluctuations and try to remain objective rather than becoming swept away in the passion of the moment.

Rahu and Ketu are one entity a Naga, the goal is to unite them and bring balance in these two halves, restoring connection, it is a Kundalini energy. Stay in touch with your emotions and your direction but don’t let it rise to your head and make you nuts, unbalanced - fire can consume us strong and balanced fire gives us vision, determination and creative action.

Your prayers and action are what create the world, nothing shifts until you shift and what you don't deal with will eventually deal with you. When we are willing to go through the tough phases with determination and patience then we are rewarded.

Those with their ascendent or prominent planets in Gemini, this eclipse brings in some important life changes specifically relating to relationships and contracts.

Pisces and Virgo will feel this quite strongly as well activating the core of home and career. Those running Sun/Saturn or Saturn/Sun dashas or Saturn/Ketu Ketu Saturn dashas.

The period between eclipses is always a time of karmic compression, eliciting big change as we enter into new energetic frequencies this Solar Eclipse with Rahu,in many ways, it marks the clearing of the slate.

Get down to your practice and take it seriously as a tool, not a photo opportunity. The axis of this eclipse creates a deep change in our consciousness, opening to a doorway where the mind can connect to source in a way that we do not usually have. Look at the lens of your own soul and redirect your path to your unique dharma and proceed with confidence.

I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash

The Density of an Unsettled Mind, Full Moon June 2018 Vedic Astrology

SPK Moon2.jpg

The story of time and of karma, told through the eyes of the Moon as she dwells in the company of Saturn, and Ketu at the center of the galaxy, a place loaded with an immense potency and power, next to a massive black hole and largest source of gravity known in our galaxy.

Arriving into fullness at 1° of Sagittarius in the lunar mansion Mula Nakshatra, a house of 9 stars symbolized by knotted roots ruled by Niriti, goddess of dissolution and destruction.  

The Moon, the lens of our mind is caught in the fire of two powerful malefics Ketu and Saturn while under the blazing gaze of Rahu, Mars and an afflicted Mercury in Gemini leaving nowhere for our emotional and mental body to hide. The penetrating lesson Saturn and Ketu delivers to our Manas ( mind) is one of circumspection and forethought, a commitment in taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions. Insisting the way forward is one done in maturity, rooted in the security of who we really are.

During this period it can feel like we are not getting away with what we used to, that we just can not fake or take it any longer. This is from the burden of carrying the load of emotional and mental intrigues we play, where we are in fact addicted to our own drama. Its a time to be honest with what your mental stories are and what you are unwilling to look at. The rumbling and the shaking within are working to expose the light.

You may have felt overly tired for the last 10 days, and this trend will continue for a few more days,  make sure the energy is not rising to your head and making you nuts, keep it simple and keep it in your heart, make time to sweat with exercise everyday, meditate everyday, utilise Ishnan therapy , take cold showers applying oil to your body, these are the tools to help us in the challenge of these times.

Ketu is the inward energy force , it is the voice and deeds of the past and in the sutras it is describes when Saturn and Ketu are joined together they create great beauty. This description makes me laugh, because the sages must have known this combination leaves no stone unturned and in many ways shows the humour of God with the Infinite at play through the maya of the earth.  The lesson of June is one of consequences and action that lead us to a very deep spiritual experience, as pain is not punishment and pleasure is not reward.

See the Gur Prasad  in everything and thank it, laugh at it and ask for more, what is being delivered to you to deal with is exactly what you can handle , coming through shining more brightly. This is how diamonds are made.

We are opening into an amazing portal of change, we are at the cusp of the Solstice and two major eclipses There is no better moment to find ourselves and allow for all of ourself to show up.

I send you lots of love

Siri Prakash

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June New Moon - The Eye of the Red Bull Vedic Astrology

New Moon.png

Uniting at 19° of Taurus in the Lunar house of Rohini under the gaze of retrograde Jupiter, our June new moon is craving security and comfort yet is quite challenged by the powerful atmosphere of malefics occupying the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius.

The first two weeks of June we may feel pressured and feel a need to make a decision, a strong desire to move forward yet unsure of our footing or direction as we shift into a new set of circumstances life is unfolding for us. June is laden with an unprecedented amount of dysfunction where we can easily get trapped in pleasure seeking activities and habits in a means of escaping or avoiding our sorrow, duty and responsibility.

Some negative manifestations can be spending too much time and energy in pleasure seeking, in an attempt to feel good at all costs and sacrificing your individual purpose and path in the pursuit of repeated feel good experiences and things which advertise themselves as grandiose and stable but in fact promise more than they can deliver. Be clear and honest about what is taking you away from fulfilling your highest dreams and what you are really doing daily to support them.

As Mercury transits in Gemini with Mars and Rahu hostility and aggression is on the rise, being pushy and attached to being right can make our encounters intense, this is particularly true mid month June 12-14th. Mars wants what he wants yesterday and Saturn (opposite Mars) delays until tomorrow. Mars and Saturn represent opposite celestial forces of heat and cold, expansion and contraction, best practice for June is kindness and over the top politeness and do not rush.

Gemini is an air sign and is prone to vata disorders and needs grounding activities like gardening, exercise and pranayamas, calming the vacillating mind. Eating good oils and apply oils to the body are helpful to calm this vata tendency.

I advise you to look in your own natal chart and see the domains associated with Gemini Sagittarius and take note of these houses, this is quite a rare transit. Those with Gemini and Sagittarius ascendents and Moons will particuarly have challenges this month.

Gemini will beindecisive, hasty, too cunning, not finishing what they start and talking their way out of being responsible. Sagittarius will feel pressured and will shut off emotions and become more robotic, cunning trying to exercise less is more attitude.

The new Moon cycle of June will teach us to be willing to set strong boundaries around things that trap us and catch us from not deriving any real and lasting benefit in our lives. Do not over work yourself in any area of life during the first two weeks of June unless you have a good deal of clarity about what you are doing, why you are doing it and where it is leading you.

The pressure and weight of the load of June is delivering to our doorstep is a gift to us all, become happy about this run towards it and embrace it, thank it , ask for more, this is time and karma scheming to get you to level up. Do effective kryia’s, work on your nervous system and develop it to change your experience with the pressure of the times. Work on your container to hold success, let things come to you and get yourself prepared to sustain it.

I send you love and luck with the New Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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Beautysecrets_front (1).jpg

May Full Moon in Scorpio Vedic Astrology


photo Nasa

Becoming full on Saturday, May 18 at 3º Scorpio the Moon enters the lunar house of Anuradha nakshatra where we become aroused as our emotional and subconscious mind is seduced by reaction and aggression.  

The Moon is under great pressure from Mars and Saturn, the planets of fire and restriction with each embattled with the nodes of the Moon Rahu and Ketu. Mars entangled with Rahu in Gemini and Saturn entangled with Ketu in Sagittarius opening a doorway into latent unconscious energies from the past and of the future.

The current planetary alignment is in a fight for our belief and of deeper truths where once we make a commitment we are given a pass to advance on a personal level and collectively. Saturn informs us with what we must do to move forward and Ketu what we must surrender. Rahu and Mars equally demanding action and with Mercury approaching combustion it can be done without logical mind so if you’re naturally fiery, be aware of this alignment seeping into your communication, dont react call on the breath.  

The Moon joins a retrograde Jupiter who is both bright in the sky and close to the earth creating a powerful magnetic pull and its in its strength where we can amplify the positive side to counsel our soul.

Call upon those teachings (Jupiter) and support systems that you have found and put them into action instead of feeling overwhelmed and reactive with the fiery flood emotions that pollute our higher mind and create vulnerability in our path.

This is a period to connect it’s not a time of isolation the next 4-5 days the intensity of this feeling of polarization peaks May 20th when Ketu and Saturn exactly align creating an undercurrent of change and evolution, ready or not.

The mind needs a steady place to rest, and it can be difficult to find that under the lens of Scorpio yet it is in our depths where we are able to have an honest and intimate conversation with ourself locating our true origin. Be smart and position yourself well to ride the season of change that is upon us and catch the man blessing it brings.

As humans are inclined to seek pleasure and ease giving us the perception that challenge can not be enjoyable when it actually can be. The full Moon of May brings to the doorstep of our soul a teaching of how to keep our mind calm, finding peace and success through devotion where we truly shine in the realization of our spirit through the development of grit and grace working through challenges and rise.

I send you love and luck during this full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash
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Vedic Astrology New Moon May The Labor and the Lever

Photo @nasa

Photo @nasa

As the Moon joins an exalted Sun at 20° of Aries, igniting our conscious and subconscious the lunar house of Bharani nakshatra a place of birth, death and rebirth. Symbolised by the yoni the female reproductive organ, here it is where we become alive, yet the joy of birth always comes with the weight of action, dealing with legacy and our inherited karma.

The strength of the exalted Sun Aries promises a month filled with activity and forward movement, yet the new Moon is sandwiched between some major planetary shifts; a retrograde Saturn, Mars preparing his move to join Rahu, we are not given a pass to run or to hide, just as a child passing through the womb to emerge into the world in birth and claim our responsibility and destiny.

This is a time where situations that arise embody the more soul lessons and the deeply ingrained patterns that require extra emotional equanimity so that we may see with ultimate clarity what is needing to be polish and smoothed out.

The new Moon of May encourages us to cross the threshold into action and with the first step forward we honour ourselves by becoming ourselves, trust our own unique expression, and use our voice, our being, and our vibration to embody the changes and the energies we wish to experience, where the ripples of transformation have been seeded to bring in the new into a higher consciousness.

Just as all births bring blessing so does this new moon with the vedic holiday called Akasha Trittya celebrated on May 7th when the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon has waxed into exaltation in the sign of Taurus.

Here we see the power of the Sun and Moon shine in their most glorious of settings, which are lorded by the powerful, masculine Mars and the radiant, feminine Venus. An auspicious day to start any new venture, bringing good luck and success.

May we learn to care for one another more deeply, and hold space for peace each and everyday

I wish you love and luck in the new Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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The Birth of a Pearl- Full Moon in Libra Vedic Astrology


Arriving at its peak of fullness at 5°of Libra the Moon delights in the energy of an exalted Sun and exalted Venus, teaching us that oppositions are not meant to break us apart they are a complement to each other, uniting and blending the polarities.

With the full Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries it brings into focus a need to decide. Libra in its nature prefers pondering and weighing searching for a middle ground without having to take a stand, while Aries in its nature likes to take action and think of the consequences later.

These great luminaries are teaching us that through working together we can find the balance, creating supportive alliances and win/win solutions, birthing something greater than ourself.

At her peak the Moon finds her strength in the lunar house of Chitra nakshatra, where our emotional lens finds it’s activation in Mars , who is at the very center of the of this nakshatra giving us a crystallization in our perception, energising us with wisdom and strength to move forward.

As Mars and Venus, work through the Moon reflecting the more earthly masculine and feminine qualities, exerting a stronger influence on both our externals tides and our inner tides heightening possible tensions and pressure in our relationships.

One of Chitra is symbols is a pearl, which is formed at the depths of the ocean, giving us a sense of the deep price and sacrifice in the creation of a pearl , something of beauty through an irritant of sand in the center of the oyster.

We must remember that it is form that traps our soul and it is jiva (prana) that animates our human body, the container of our essence, as Venus sits in exaltation depositing the Moon with the transfer the genetic codes and the creation of life, Chitra nakshatra suggest the birth of something new to be experienced and nurtured, even through the discomfort.

The divine architect encourages and inspires us to keep going forward and reminds us of the beauty of the journey, in our trial and error as part of our experience where we need to have the courage to fulfil our karma and face what it takes to create something great with our lives.

May we find peace, common ground, and abundance in our relationships, as we blossom into deeper love and maturity birthing our destiny. Enjoy the strength of the Sun, the comfort and inspiration of Venus and the restraint of Saturn as we continue to experience the blossoming of the spring season.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Hanuman, the infinite strength, courage, service and loving devotion. Remember his story he moved mountains.

I send you love and luck with the Full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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April New Moon Vedic Astrology

Image Indgo

Image Indgo

The path of our consciousness intersects with our soul 22° Pisces in Revati nakshatra where the Moon, our emotional body searches for truth as our minds and hearts get thrown into the deep end of our fantasy and overwhelm, in an attempt to escape the pressures of time.

Revati nakshatra nourishes the Moon guiding us to our next destination as it’s lord Mercury (our conscious mind) asists us to find interesting and creative solutions to practical problems.

It’s Jupiter, the lord of Pisces who deposits the Moon with its seriousness. Jupiter is under tremendous pressure from four powerful malefics -Saturn, Ketu and by aspect Rahu and Mars making it difficult to remain positive for the next few weeks under their influence until April 23rd.

April is a time for figuring it out and getting out of our way, it is a month of true beginnings according to Vedic and yogic cycles, the planetary energies influencing our April new Moon are intimately connected to the power of Shakti in Revati yet her environment is filled with a tough love lesson, she feeds and nurtures yet she must restrict and teach us discipline so we may reach our destination.

Revati suggests a need for us to share our grace, kindness, and compassion in by doing so we are nourished and protected in the face of change or transition. Where the more we give, the more we are replenished - experiencing the greatest prosperity is through charity.

We came here to grow on this polarity planet and we only grow through pressure and by facing it we become stronger and brighter. We are being taught to be comforted by discomfort, wherein the challenges become easy when met with enthusiasm and a sense of play.

Every seed needs to sprout to bloom in ecstasy dancing in the light of the Sun. Cross the threshold and become visible to the universe so that miracles can find you.

I send you love and luck during this New Moon Cycle

Siri Prakash

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Creation and Commitment March Full Moon Forecast Vedic Astrology

Flower full moon.jpg

Becomining full at 7° in the earth sign of Mercury, the Moon shines brightly charged with unity and devotion in the lunar home of Uttara Phalguni where we generate happiness by being happy, becoming a natural lighthouse of service.

Our March full Moon is a catalyst for a commitment, clarity and resolve as she is once again under the influence of Saturn with its aspect from Sagittarius, unveiling the power of a trained mind and bringing attention to our body which informs and impacts the state of our mind.

Coinciding with the Equinox it is also the festival of Holi, a time to celebration and connection, raising our energy in a time of reclaibration where all things together in nature pass through this time portal into a phase of creativity and growth.

Spring Equinox is one of the 4 pillars that supports the time frame we call “a year” and is one of the most powerful days for manifestation a time of acceleration, going deeper to experience the synergy of your oneness with all, by refreshing your practice and renewing your commitment so that you can maneuver effectively your time and space, breaking through and removing negative patterning and thought forms and uplifting your spirit to emerge relaxed, connected with your highest intention and commitment.

We are in a fiery cycle of a 3 in the year of 2019 it is deeply intertwined and connected to the energy of Jupiter energy where we have all that we need, it only takes our commit to conquer our own time and space. As Jupiter working through a karmic knot traveling though its gandanta position we are cleaning out the dirt and dust of our hearts and mind. As it churns approaching 0° of Sagittarius on the 29th is the period when it is the most challenged especially those with Moon and ascendent Sagittarius.

As the world transforms around us, it’s still an inside job, leverage the magic of the Equinox and these unique planetary shifts to celebrate by firmly kicking your own butt and moving forward toward newness and nourishment with the relationship with yourself.

This cosmic pulse of the divine is communicating and collaborating with us ecoding us with the bounty of prosperity and victory, it is only testing us to see if we are earning the reward with the challenge placed before us.

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I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

Holding the Key to Each Others Doors Rāhu /Ketu Axis Shift


The main event of March is the axis shift of Rāhu and Ketu into Gemini/ Sagittarius on March 7th (mean node calculation) it’s quite safe to say that as they move into a new place they are quite immature and overconfident , it’s also safe to say that with Rahu moving into Gemini and its ruler being retrograde and debilitated and Ketu joining Saturn, there is no escaping the experience of this shift this month quite significantly.

Gemini and Sagittarius are places in the sky that embrace change and breaking though. Places where we need to adapt, using our intelligence, faith and trust. Malefics want you to make effort, that is the first thing we need to understand to the lessons we are being given. The lighter you are, the easier it is to jump over the hurdles.

Rāhu and Ketu naturally move in a retrograde motion and both nodes are disruptors and shakers, the difference is how they each destabilize. Rāhu the significator of worldly desire excels operating in the sign of Gemini, it quite powerful moving dynamically and energetically in this mercurial owned house. This is one of the best placements for Rāhu.

Ketu, the significator of spiritual craving for liberation, as it moves through Sagittarius tends to cause us to be uninterested in worldly affairs with an increase in spirituality, sometimes leading us toward a retreat from activity.

The meeting of Ketu and Saturn is quite significant. Ketu retrograding and joining Saturn, who is moving forward through the late degrees of Sagittarius. and the history of these two meeting is a little sour. Ketu will conjunct Saturn until January 2020 (key dates to watch for 2019 are below)

The good news is that Saturn-Ketu conjunctions bring major breakthroughs in technology and human consciousness. It is as if the groundedness of Saturn brings the transcendent awareness of Ketu literally “down to Earth,” while Ketu simultaneously causes people to transcend the existing Saturnian limits and confines of this world

The last transit of Rāhu/Ketu through Gemini/Sagittarius was from July 2000 – February 2002 , so look back to these time periods and see what what was occuring in our life to give you somewhat of a glimpse.

Key dates /Time periods

March 22nd

We will begin to feel an unsettling wave building as Mars enters Taurus on March 22 where Mars and Rahu cast their gaze onto Ketu and Saturn in Sagittarius (Mars has an 8th house aspect from Taurus.

April 29- May 10th

April 30th Saturn enters into a retrograde phase just as he meets up with Ketu. The two will travel in tandem, both retrograde and on May 8th they are within a degree of one another, through the summer.

Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are all aspecting 27° of Sagittarius Exact conjunctions and precise aspect on a single point from all four of the malefics is pretty extraordinary. It a time period to watch.


Mars enters Gemini and joins Rahu fanning the flames for an intense summer.


The first and third week of June, especially June 5th and June 14-19th


The month of October, especially October 4th-5th, 10th-12th, 25th- 31st


Christmas Eve and Christmas, including the eclipse that happens on the 26th.

We should understand which domains of life in our personal horoscopes will be touched by this transit in order to predict how the period will proceed. When we are conscious of these energies, we can be more successful in curtailing unhealthy desires (Rahu) and avoiding mistakes or apathy (Ketu.)

I send you love and luck with their transit

Siri Prakash

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General Overview by Ascendant or Moon Sign


The Rahu transit in Gemini in your 3rd house will be favourable and beneficial in multiple ways. Communications, media, travel, are all activated . It’s a good time to learn new skills and with Ketu in the 9th it may be higher education in order to master or to gain more insight. It’s a good time to experiment with new ideas and present your ideas. Malefic planets do well very well here so take advantage of this transit. Tough period is when your ruling planet joins Rhau in the Summer.

The Ketu transit in your 9th house in Sagittarius is a good period for learning It can be a time where a teacher comes into your life. This intelligent questioning and thoughtful reflection occur in this house. Opportunities to set out on travels to places on a pilgrimage or religious nature. Take care and don't be lazy in this period put in the efforts otherwise you may miss out


Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in the 8th. 2nd house of family, values and wealth. The 8th is the uncontrolled and unknown, the occult. Understanding your value through hidden knowledge is the key to this placement. The Rahu transit in your 2nd House will throw the spotlight onto your finances by creating challenges and complications. Teaching your to respect and value what you have and yourself for that matter. It is making your actualise yourself in a solid manner.

Since it is a snake (so to speak) it can turn either way it is unpredictable it can either bring gains or losses, it depends on your relation to the currency of you. So take care.

Ketu transit in your 8th in Sagittarius will bring unexpected results since this is the house of the unknown. You will be on search to uncover this could be an interest in occult, mysticism and philosophy. This can be your salvation as the 8th house can be a difficult transit. As you try to find yourself you can seem eccentric and you may even behave quite differently to what your family and friend may be used to and this can cause tension. It can bring with it unexpected gains this does not only relate to money.


Your the focus will be on the self and bring in new relations. The rebirth and renewal of yourself of the physical self, physical transformation and house partnerships and marriage.

The Rahu transit may cause some discomfort like a growth spurt if you like. Start mixing with people and present your ideas confidently. Work on building your own unique identity Rahu helps with this task in this placement it will teach how to act quickly based on your instincts and you will emerge stronger and more refined after its transit

Avoid over-thinking as this can lead to confusion and muddy thoughts .

Ketu transit in your 7th house in Sagittarius may cause problems in your ability to handle or manage your relationships, misunderstandings and heated up arguments can come up out of nowhere. Make sure the commitments you make are commitments you can keep partners and relations challenged and it can be difficult to find common ground


Rahu in the 12th and Ketu in the 6th Travel and explorations hidden personality. The Rahu transit in Cancer in your 12th house of the subconscious, hidden self and travel can cause changes you already know are coming as well as a few surprises in spiritual development

Important is not to get lost or try to escape even though you are tempted and have the desire either in addictions, and fantasy keep living in the heart. This is a good time for seeking alternative therapies and practices this will satisfy the urge of Rahu. Dig in and face your challenges bravely what is waiting on the other side this transit it worth fighting for. Watch your spending.

Ketu transit in your 6th house in Sagittarius this placement will help to balance Rahu. It will bring you courage and fearlessness, a real force to be reckoned with Ketu will ensure that you are able to achieve the desired results through your own efforts. You will be able to command more respect and by your sheer force this will make you noticed Difficult and unresolved issues can finally be sorted out with Ketu's placement here including health issues.


The Rahu transit in Cancer is a highly auspicious transit for you and will bring gains from multiple areas in your life. Rahu in the 11th House is extremely favourable one in brings of income, increase in status and popularity. Rahu also touches and expands business and client opportunities it attracts the right opportunities during its transit with a connection with larger groups improving your financial gains Social life and social circle will expand and you will be more cooperative. It can bring about technical spiritual skills as it activates past life deeds (purva punya bhava) for good or bad

The Ketu transit in Sagittarius in your 5th house your focus will not be here and topics relating to the 5th house, such as creativity, expression. Rahu here can make you selfish, express a lack of understanding of others it also can cloud your mind.


Rahu in the 10th house of Fame and fame and connection to working with people, the house of your karma, the 4th house is makes separates or where you not pay attention to what nourishes your, can be your home it is your contentment.

Rahu in the 10th House brings changes in your life with an element of uncertainty and disruption. Your work and status can suddenly change position in regards to work, difficulties with bosses can be seen with Rahu in the 10th. Difficulty with expenses and finances. Do not overspend in this time. Rahu will put you to work harder and without distractions. Focus and take care of your professional life during this transit and security will come

Ketu in your 4th house in Sagittarius will raise issues of the home and what nourishes you what brings you satisfaction. You may find it difficult to express your feelings and to be understood. Can also indicate that you have to travel for work and this is what is separating you from your home.


The 9th house connection with higher learning , technologies and the 3rd house aggressive and dominating in your communications. The Rahu transit in Gemini in your 9th house can make you change in your views regarding culture, religion, your personal beliefs and values. The transit of Rahu in the 9th House triggers the interest and opportunities to explore new cultures, traditions and places. Learn to trust your instincts more and have faith in your capabilities

You will develop a keen interest in different cultures and desire to know the unique traditions and teachings of different religions. Make sure to not the spiritual smorgasbord as this leads to a lot of useless and meaningless information which will not satisfy your soul desire.

The Ketu transit in Sagittarius in your 3rd house will be good for you but can be difficult for others your communication can become aggressive and overly blunt During the Ketu transit in Sagittarius, you will be able to experience higher level of success in your endeavours partly from your confidence and enthusiasm boost it will bring.


Rahu in the 8th and Ketu in the 2nd. The 8th house focus on gains in the unknown and the 2nd house of values Rahu in the 8th House During the Rahu transit in Gemini, Important to take care of your mind, meditation is key for you during this transit. Hidden fears can come up . What you hide can come out into the light, which can actually be good for you. This house is dealing with our most hidden fears. In the quest to achieve security and stability, try to not be too rigid. Resist trying to control others, try to be light-hearted and flexible this will help you through this period.

The Ketu in the 2nd house in Sagittarius has a tendency to make people rash break things since it is transiting your 2nd house of values and finances take care and try your very best no to react. A harshness in speech can take over during this transit and you may face issues and fight with coworkers, partners , bosses these are all more sensitive and likely to bring negative consequences. Make your financial and investment choices with careful thought, as problems may arise later.


Rahu transiting in Gemini your 7th activating your house of partnerships. Communication gap can create misunderstandings which can lead to problems in your relationship. The good news is this transit effect will soften over time. The tasks for this transit is to develop your interpersonal skills and work towards presenting your ideas to others in a more convincing manner. Work on your communication and personal skills, try to be not so heavy handed and tray to take things more easy and observe before your react. Listen to others and give them a chance to be heard this is for both personal and business relations

The Ketu transit in Sagittarius on your 1st house may prove to be challenging period filled with confusion and doubt. Ketu in this position removes confidence. It plants a seed of doubt and you may find it difficult to take decisions as quickly as before. It can also dampen your enthusiasm and initiative. The feelings of detachment and aloofness might just get stronger while the transit of Ketu takes hold. Ketu in the 1st house is the house of self, can make you very hard on yourself


The Rahu transit in Gemini in your 6th house will benefit your stamina and endurance you will be able to tackle and make positive changes with renewed energy. Since it sitting in your house of competition you will be more equipped pursue your dreams, career pursuits it gives you an advantage. You will focus on paying off debt and improving your finances. Money making opportunities or offers can come from unusual places Watch your health during its transit

Ketu transiting your 12th house in Sagittarius will prove to be mostly beneficial for as you will be able to master the 'art of letting go' and becoming realistic and realising that all situations are not under your control. Health and healing including alternative healing and Focus on helping the sick and being of service.


Rahu Transit through your 5th house in Gemini affect your ability to concentrate and keep your mind stable, you mind will be filled with creativity and ideas just make sure not to be creative with your finances if you know what I mean.... take care it is really easy to act fast with haste and make a mistake that can cost you allot. Having said that the 5th house activates past life deeds (purva punya bhava) and unexpected gains can come to you.

The Ketu transit in your 11th house in Sagittarius will prove to be a beneficial period for you as with gains and an increase in your professional field bringing a good result

You will be able to earn well during the stay of Ketu in the 11th House. You will be able to devise intelligent strategies to achieve all that you have dreamt of in the recent times and will be able to fulfil your desires.


Rahu in 4th During this transit is a time period where what nourishes you , your inner world , your contentment including the mother, and the attraction of wealth. Here Rahu can manifest an increase in travel since Rahu disturbs both positively and negatively. It also can mean you are due for a move. Rahu can bring an increase in responsibilities and the need to put more effort in your 4th house activities. It can activate the need to control others fix others, instead of strengthening your your overall position , the ultimate distractor Rahu is with its tricks. Rahu transit in Gemini, may make you feel insecure or create fears of losing your prestige your position and honour.

Ketu transit in Sagittarius in your 10th can mean a difficult time period in your career and professional/ public matters. Ketu is not interested in cultivating it is interested in releasing. Your authority may be challenged or difficulties with your boss or a desire to change your job . Wherever Ketu is placed it's motivated to release and move on

The Threshold of Endings and Beginnings Vedic New Moon March 2019


The cosmic address of the March new Moon is found at 21°of Aquarius in the home of the austere planet Saturn, a place filled with electricity ruled the deeply mystical deity Ajaikapada, part Naga and part Rudra, a place intimately connected to the Kundalini Shakti, the lunar mansion known as Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

The Moon (our consciousness) takes its journey through this fierce and stormy place on a hunt from deeper meaning, seeking to clear the path of outdated concepts, and attachments much like a sharp strike it creates a flash of light to give us a glimpse of what is to come, pulling our awareness towards the bigger picture, compelling us to make commitments to something greater than ourselves and our momentary happiness.

The penetrating lesson Saturn delivers though the Moon is one of circumspection and forethought a commitment to taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions, much like a river needs walls to be lead to the ocean, where it finds its depth and foundation, we too are best served when we are aligned with our focus and purpose.

As humans we are saturated in emotions, experiencing their friction against our thoughts and perceptions where they intertwine and colour our lives. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra suggests that there is something to sort out in our in how we reflect our interior world with our exterior world and get it straightened out rather quickly without mincing words, under this lunar cycle we can be critical harsh just like a fire that destroys,, so take care with your words, remember to be kind, and don’t get preachy with others as this nakshatra likes to do.

March is a challenging month where we are planting the seeds for 2019. Our new Moon is surrounded by unsteady energies - challenging Mercury retrograde and the upcoming Rahu/Ketu axis shift into Gemini/Sagittarius affecting us all for the next 18 months.

March is not a time for making it a time for bold steps, this is a time to learn how to sort out and roll up your sleeves and make things work on practical levels, so keep it organised and balanced and you’ll receive rewards for your courage in seeing the broader context.

Make sure to get physical exercise everyday this will help to release any tension and anxiety. This is not a time for being sedentary. Go outdoors. Breathe the fresh air. Allow Mother Nature to nurture you.

Lean into your Matra and let it work for you, as the original Rudra did to transform into the auspicious Lord Shiva. Feel the sound of divine dancing in all of your cells and elevating your frequency, create our own still point, a perfectly balanced position that keeps you aligned with your purpose, despite the chaos and distractions of the outer world, where we find our real joy no matter what.

I send you lots of love during this new Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

We are at the tipping point of a powerful shift when on March 7th Rahu and Ketu, will shift signs entering into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, causing transform for the next year-and-a-half. To find out where this is happening for you can book a reading by clicking the link below or or 📩 email

Alternative Thinking


The very first of three Mercury retrograde cycles of 2019 begins on March 5 and lasts for thirteen days.

Mercury’s twists and turns in Pisces through March 15th before winding its way back to visit a friend’s home, the sign of Aquarius to toil the soil until the 12th of April.

During March it is wise to take cautionary steps as the atmosphere is abundant with unsettled planetary energies most significantly shift in consciousness with the is the upcoming change of the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu.

For the most part, Mercury’s retrograde will take place in Aquarius which is better than Pisces so during its stay in Pisces ( March 14th) proceed with caution with pursuing actions that require long-term decisions that could potentially affect your stability in 2019.

On the 15th of March, Mercury will cross back into Aquarius, and will not resume its direction motion until the 28th where it becomes more stable with each passing day.

During most of its transit Mercury will occupy the electric and fierce nakshatra Purva Bhadrapada, a stormy place ruled by Aja Ekapada a deity that is half Naga and half Rudra. Under its influence It is important that we are actively working to direct our mind and balancing our nervous system during its transit for the next 6 weeks and not letting the run off of our mind and nervous energy run us.

Purva Bhadrapada energy is dedicated to pursuit in the rising of the fires within (kundalini/shakti) and the consumption of samskara, to elevate our consciousness and awareness, we experience it now through Mercury’s transit, revisiting a place of discovery through careful analysis, letting go of old ideas, patterns and thought forms without anger but with gratitude for its for lesson.

Where we ned to be alert is in the hunt for our own truth it watch our our tongue as it can be quite sharp and piercing as a strike of the thunder and a howl. don't give into reactions or rashness and try not to preach.

So you can say thank you to Mercury in March for its twist and turns and doing us quite a favour by putting on the brakes and giving us thoughtful reflection to consider our actions, our speech and our path. Clearing the garden of of heart and mind to transform our ideas into the treasures of our heart.

Mercury retrograde is not not in a time of fear or worry but a time of observation that leads us to elevation The disciplined pursuit of stillness and detachment from form puts the yogi in a position to merge with the absolute, an infinitely expansive state.

I send you lots of love with Mercury transit

Siri Prakash

We are at the tipping point of a powerful shift when on March 7th Rahu and Ketu, will shift signs entering into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively where they’ll cause transformative eclipses for the next year-and-a-half. Ketu will join the karmic task master, Saturn in which will add a rocky dose of realism.

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