Dissolving Fears and Anxiety July Vedic Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

Image Hima Klimt

Image Hima Klimt

Becoming full at 29° the Moon receives the messages of Saturn and Ketu under the gaze of Rahu, Venus and the Sun. Opening a gate for us to break free from the stagnate holding patterns of the past to awaken to new worlds of possibility.

Saturn and Ketu stimulate our overactive thoughts, irritation activating old emotional wounds, shifts in dynamics in love, friendships, and financial agreements as Venus attempts to adjust the scales of needs and desires.  Saturn, Ketu and the Moon want us to ground and still our minds rallying the courage to face our shadows and fears, to look our shame and heartbreak, allowing them to be released.

Collectively we are all caught in an acceleration of maturity and wisdom that comes along with it. This lunar eclipse is a portal of decisions, Saturn helps us dismantle old, outworn belief systems and philosophies and Ketu crumbles the familiar structures letting them continue to fall away. As we bring our shadows to the light of awareness, we’re supported in liberating ourselves from harmful patterns and habituations.

We are all blessed and protected by our guides, teachers and mentors in each every moment , and as the July full Moon is falls under Uttara Ashadha nakshatra it becomes “the full moon of the Guru,” known as Guru Purnima in India, a special day for us honour teachers, mentors, and guides. With so many teaching entities (planets) counselling the Moon it promises a coming dawn after situations that are marked by trouble or difficulty.

Always remember that wisdom is available to all of us from the depths of our beings, It’s important we keep our hearts open as we continue the work we came here to do on this polarity planet.

For the next few days we may experience or witness intense mood swings and need to keep our communications in check as we are crossing a threshold, indicating a disconnect or breakdown between the balance of expansion and contraction.

The journey is the goal and it is the joy that comes when we stay present in the moment, embracing all that is good and bad, light and dark, ease and struggle with equal measure.

I send you lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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