Accelerating Change Solar Eclipse July 2nd 2019


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The path of our consciousness intersects with our soul at 16° of Gemini in Ardra nakshatra the red pulsating star of clearing and cleansing. The intensity of June leads us to solutions in July, where it’s not quite a time of celebration but one of acceleration, as the very fibre of our being is being rewired to become who we are, without fear, rapidly evolving our more enlightened qualities, balancing our pragmatism with intuition and sensitivity, as we prepare for a new paradigm.

At the time of the eclipse, Saturn opposes the Sun and Venus, forcing growth, the dropping of our patterns specifically in relationships and in what gives us stability.  It is through the Moon, the lens of our emotional body who takes on the energy of Adra locating the root of what plagues us , gifting us with a precision in how to resolve it, becoming reborn.

Saturn and Ketu continue to be intertwined within a degree activating a sense of survival and surrender, pain and problems. Both Saturn and Ketu prefer meditation and both like control and structure and this why it is good to have a daily practice to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Emotional balance this summer is key, pay attention to chaotic mood fluctuations and try to remain objective rather than becoming swept away in the passion of the moment.

Rahu and Ketu are one entity a Naga, the goal is to unite them and bring balance in these two halves, restoring connection, it is a Kundalini energy. Stay in touch with your emotions and your direction but don’t let it rise to your head and make you nuts, unbalanced - fire can consume us strong and balanced fire gives us vision, determination and creative action.

Your prayers and action are what create the world, nothing shifts until you shift and what you don't deal with will eventually deal with you. When we are willing to go through the tough phases with determination and patience then we are rewarded.

Those with their ascendent or prominent planets in Gemini, this eclipse brings in some important life changes specifically relating to relationships and contracts.

Pisces and Virgo will feel this quite strongly as well activating the core of home and career. Those running Sun/Saturn or Saturn/Sun dashas or Saturn/Ketu Ketu Saturn dashas.

The period between eclipses is always a time of karmic compression, eliciting big change as we enter into new energetic frequencies this Solar Eclipse with Rahu,in many ways, it marks the clearing of the slate.

Get down to your practice and take it seriously as a tool, not a photo opportunity. The axis of this eclipse creates a deep change in our consciousness, opening to a doorway where the mind can connect to source in a way that we do not usually have. Look at the lens of your own soul and redirect your path to your unique dharma and proceed with confidence.

I send you love and luck

Siri Prakash