June New Moon - The Eye of the Red Bull Vedic Astrology

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Uniting at 19° of Taurus in the Lunar house of Rohini under the gaze of retrograde Jupiter, our June new moon is craving security and comfort yet is quite challenged by the powerful atmosphere of malefics occupying the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius.

The first two weeks of June we may feel pressured and feel a need to make a decision, a strong desire to move forward yet unsure of our footing or direction as we shift into a new set of circumstances life is unfolding for us. June is laden with an unprecedented amount of dysfunction where we can easily get trapped in pleasure seeking activities and habits in a means of escaping or avoiding our sorrow, duty and responsibility.

Some negative manifestations can be spending too much time and energy in pleasure seeking, in an attempt to feel good at all costs and sacrificing your individual purpose and path in the pursuit of repeated feel good experiences and things which advertise themselves as grandiose and stable but in fact promise more than they can deliver. Be clear and honest about what is taking you away from fulfilling your highest dreams and what you are really doing daily to support them.

As Mercury transits in Gemini with Mars and Rahu hostility and aggression is on the rise, being pushy and attached to being right can make our encounters intense, this is particularly true mid month June 12-14th. Mars wants what he wants yesterday and Saturn (opposite Mars) delays until tomorrow. Mars and Saturn represent opposite celestial forces of heat and cold, expansion and contraction, best practice for June is kindness and over the top politeness and do not rush.

Gemini is an air sign and is prone to vata disorders and needs grounding activities like gardening, exercise and pranayamas, calming the vacillating mind. Eating good oils and apply oils to the body are helpful to calm this vata tendency.

I advise you to look in your own natal chart and see the domains associated with Gemini Sagittarius and take note of these houses, this is quite a rare transit. Those with Gemini and Sagittarius ascendents and Moons will particuarly have challenges this month.

Gemini will beindecisive, hasty, too cunning, not finishing what they start and talking their way out of being responsible. Sagittarius will feel pressured and will shut off emotions and become more robotic, cunning trying to exercise less is more attitude.

The new Moon cycle of June will teach us to be willing to set strong boundaries around things that trap us and catch us from not deriving any real and lasting benefit in our lives. Do not over work yourself in any area of life during the first two weeks of June unless you have a good deal of clarity about what you are doing, why you are doing it and where it is leading you.

The pressure and weight of the load of June is delivering to our doorstep is a gift to us all, become happy about this run towards it and embrace it, thank it , ask for more, this is time and karma scheming to get you to level up. Do effective kryia’s, work on your nervous system and develop it to change your experience with the pressure of the times. Work on your container to hold success, let things come to you and get yourself prepared to sustain it.

I send you love and luck with the New Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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