The Density of an Unsettled Mind, Full Moon June 2018 Vedic Astrology

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The story of time and of karma, told through the eyes of the Moon as she dwells in the company of Saturn, and Ketu at the center of the galaxy, a place loaded with an immense potency and power, next to a massive black hole and largest source of gravity known in our galaxy.

Arriving into fullness at 1° of Sagittarius in the lunar mansion Mula Nakshatra, a house of 9 stars symbolized by knotted roots ruled by Niriti, goddess of dissolution and destruction.  

The Moon, the lens of our mind is caught in the fire of two powerful malefics Ketu and Saturn while under the blazing gaze of Rahu, Mars and an afflicted Mercury in Gemini leaving nowhere for our emotional and mental body to hide. The penetrating lesson Saturn and Ketu delivers to our Manas ( mind) is one of circumspection and forethought, a commitment in taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and our actions. Insisting the way forward is one done in maturity, rooted in the security of who we really are.

During this period it can feel like we are not getting away with what we used to, that we just can not fake or take it any longer. This is from the burden of carrying the load of emotional and mental intrigues we play, where we are in fact addicted to our own drama. Its a time to be honest with what your mental stories are and what you are unwilling to look at. The rumbling and the shaking within are working to expose the light.

You may have felt overly tired for the last 10 days, and this trend will continue for a few more days,  make sure the energy is not rising to your head and making you nuts, keep it simple and keep it in your heart, make time to sweat with exercise everyday, meditate everyday, utilise Ishnan therapy , take cold showers applying oil to your body, these are the tools to help us in the challenge of these times.

Ketu is the inward energy force , it is the voice and deeds of the past and in the sutras it is describes when Saturn and Ketu are joined together they create great beauty. This description makes me laugh, because the sages must have known this combination leaves no stone unturned and in many ways shows the humour of God with the Infinite at play through the maya of the earth.  The lesson of June is one of consequences and action that lead us to a very deep spiritual experience, as pain is not punishment and pleasure is not reward.

See the Gur Prasad  in everything and thank it, laugh at it and ask for more, what is being delivered to you to deal with is exactly what you can handle , coming through shining more brightly. This is how diamonds are made.

We are opening into an amazing portal of change, we are at the cusp of the Solstice and two major eclipses There is no better moment to find ourselves and allow for all of ourself to show up.

I send you lots of love

Siri Prakash

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