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The very first of three Mercury retrograde cycles of 2019 begins on March 5 and lasts for thirteen days.

Mercury’s twists and turns in Pisces through March 15th before winding its way back to visit a friend’s home, the sign of Aquarius to toil the soil until the 12th of April.

During March it is wise to take cautionary steps as the atmosphere is abundant with unsettled planetary energies most significantly shift in consciousness with the is the upcoming change of the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu.

For the most part, Mercury’s retrograde will take place in Aquarius which is better than Pisces so during its stay in Pisces ( March 14th) proceed with caution with pursuing actions that require long-term decisions that could potentially affect your stability in 2019.

On the 15th of March, Mercury will cross back into Aquarius, and will not resume its direction motion until the 28th where it becomes more stable with each passing day.

During most of its transit Mercury will occupy the electric and fierce nakshatra Purva Bhadrapada, a stormy place ruled by Aja Ekapada a deity that is half Naga and half Rudra. Under its influence It is important that we are actively working to direct our mind and balancing our nervous system during its transit for the next 6 weeks and not letting the run off of our mind and nervous energy run us.

Purva Bhadrapada energy is dedicated to pursuit in the rising of the fires within (kundalini/shakti) and the consumption of samskara, to elevate our consciousness and awareness, we experience it now through Mercury’s transit, revisiting a place of discovery through careful analysis, letting go of old ideas, patterns and thought forms without anger but with gratitude for its for lesson.

Where we ned to be alert is in the hunt for our own truth it watch our our tongue as it can be quite sharp and piercing as a strike of the thunder and a howl. don't give into reactions or rashness and try not to preach.

So you can say thank you to Mercury in March for its twist and turns and doing us quite a favour by putting on the brakes and giving us thoughtful reflection to consider our actions, our speech and our path. Clearing the garden of of heart and mind to transform our ideas into the treasures of our heart.

Mercury retrograde is not not in a time of fear or worry but a time of observation that leads us to elevation The disciplined pursuit of stillness and detachment from form puts the yogi in a position to merge with the absolute, an infinitely expansive state.

I send you lots of love with Mercury transit

Siri Prakash

We are at the tipping point of a powerful shift when on March 7th Rahu and Ketu, will shift signs entering into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively where they’ll cause transformative eclipses for the next year-and-a-half. Ketu will join the karmic task master, Saturn in which will add a rocky dose of realism.

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