New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Ashlesha

photo @chr.Artic

photo @chr.Artic

The path of our consciousness, the Moon crosses and intersects with Sun our soul on August 11th in the star field known as Ashlesha Nakshatra, governed by the mystical Naga. It also marks the end of the summers eclipses with the third and final horse shoe or partial solar eclipse visible to those in the northern and eastern part of Europe.  

New Moons are about withdrawing our energy and turning within, eclipses are often described as a time seizing, but more significantly they are a time for a deep release as the Sun our soul is set free from the smoky haze Rahu.

With the two planets associated with the mind, Moon and Mercury, involved in this eclipse, it may leave us feeling more emotional than normal as well as adrift in a sea of irrationality, intensifying our thoughts, creating a pressure on our nervous system. 

Ashlesha clings and protects what is does not want to part with, it is alchemical and transformative field in the sky, that suggests that the matters that arise during in this 28 day cycle will be insightful, yet likely a struggle to let go of. 

As we become intertwined with retrograde Mercury enhancing the access our higher senses to become harmonised with our environment so that we may instinctively navigate the path forward.  We are in a time to be mindful of our speech, communication and of our thoughts checking in to see if they are true and clear. Not allowing the lower caustic reactions to take hold.

Understanding this cycle , think of what a snake must endure in the process shedding it’s skin. As their eyes become clouded over, to the point in which they can no longer see, they become more sensitive and much more prone to strike. They instinctively understand it is the time to slow down and retreat into a safe and secure place, allowing themselves the space to transform.  Ashlesha Nakshatra is a master of the senses, the guardians of treasures within, connected to vibrational energy picking up the pulses in the surrounding areas; tapping in and tracking its energy.

Ashlesha is leading into the deep spaces of our mind, discovering our treasures, our shadows and the impulse of our desires. Preparing for the birth of something new and far better.

With all the difficult planetary influences at this time, the recommendation in August is to create more time and space for rest, retreat and relaxation. In the days leading up to a new Moon is when the Moon's energy is weak and vulnerable, which translates to physical and mental fatigue or weakness. So take time for yourself. If you can do not start new projects or make important moves or decisions until September.

We are in the home stretch of the toughest retrogrades of the year and some pretty intense eclipses, keep up and you will be kept up! 

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