The Healing Moon

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The Moon arrives at its peak fullness at 9º of Aquarius on August 26th, brimming with energy and healing. The Moons draws her resource in the star field of Shatabishak nakshatra, a place in the sky energetically charged with wholeness, peace and protection in the home of 100 healers, where lost and hidden technologies are found.

Shatabishak is a bridge to the past and future, it is a portal deeply connected with sound, the mysterious force the pervades the universe, bringing to the surface of our consciousness very old and possibly hidden diseases, not only of the body but of the mind and heart, providing the needed space of transforming it.

The Moon receives a firm aspect from Saturn from the very center of galaxy, a place loaded with immense potency and power, who is doing its last bit of soulful and practical house cleaning- removing what is no longer working, that which weighs us down and what it not true. Its 3rd aspect fills us with immense capacity to look to the root cause and to take ownership of our actions, inactions, the karmas we have created.

Jupiter also brings his attention to the Moon,  with his beautiful glance of a 5th aspect, recharging and delighting our minds with a generous dose of positive energy, lighting the inner spaces of our heart and soul, to see the bounty of rewards that lie ahead of us, for the efforts we have made in the life lessons we have been dealt over the last several months, as marked by the intense and fiery Mars+Ketu combination, the trio of eclipses and several retrograde planets.

Full Moons reveal the shadows of what is not forgiven in our lives, the energy that is not flowing, and blocks in our mind and in our heart. Finding your mantra is a effective tool for  healing and transformation with this Moon. Sound has the power to keep our mind in the vibration of our choice, so take care what you repeat.   Find your mantra and attach yourself to it.  Allow it to carry you, allow it to shield you, and allow it to serve you.

Don’t lose faith, don’t lose heart and never surrender

I send your lots of love and luck

Siri Prakash

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