Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse Shravana Nakshatra


In a solar eclipse the path of our consciousness, the Moon crosses and intersects with Sun our soul. During a lunar eclipse, it is the shadow the the earth, the material world that is cast upon the Moon, where by our concrete reality  becomes unclear and can seem disrupted. 

During the eclipse on July 27th this disruption is compounded a retrograde Mercury where our intellect seated in the electric domain of the Naga,   a very volatile point in the sky that rattles and impairs our judgment. 

We have all been either dealing with or witnessing the power play and tension between retrograde Mars and Ketu now with the Moon joining them in the abode of Capricorn we are being lead into the deep spaces of our mind, discovering our treasures, our shadows and the impulse of our desires.

The eclipsed Moon in Shravana Nakshatra suggests that there is something to sort out in our direction and in our path,  how we perceive our path and how we see ourselves becoming individualised, where we have the choice to either we take hold our time or become subject to it.

The unavoidable changes are already taking place and you have the power to set in motion what is right for you, now is the time to get the behind the scenes work done and to get yourself orientated in the direction where you want to go.

With Saturn  sitting in the the center of the galaxy and being  12th from the moon in Mula Nakshatra it is whispering support and giving us internal and wise counsel during this period, connecting with our roots and the depth of who we are. 

Mars will end its retrograde in the end of August where we will start to experience forward movement in our physical world and with less much inner tension. Until then its energies will be heightened teaching us to tune into the intensity of our feelings and to be present with them, not act on them only to be conscious of them.

This incredible Lunar eclipse will take place on Guru Purnima where all our teachers and spiritual masters become more accessible, making it much easier to connect their energy.  

Fill yourself with light everyday and see that you are a part of creation and that you are creation. Examine and refresh your tools and thoughts, stay committed to the connection with your heart and with your higher mind.  We are in a special time and where prayers and mantra are amplified make use of them. Its a good time to be introspective, observing what is awakening and what needs to be let go, give this energy space to take hold, try not to talk to excessively, just be present.

I will be giving readings at the the European Yoga Festival in France from July 28- August 4th as well as teaching three workshops

I send you love and luck during this eclipse cycle

Siri Prakash

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