Full Moon Vedic Forecast October- How to Make a Diamond


The Full Moon of Oct 5th is particularly strong, bright and active as it passes through Pisces and the last Nakshatra Revati.  Its aspected by the Sun and Mercury forming a Budh Aditya yoga in the the sign of Virgo. 

This combination lights up our mind, making our thoughts bright, clear and reflective. It activates analytical thinking as we start to digest what has occurred over the last several and very intense months. 

The Sun adds so much benefical light to this moon and making it easy to see and understand what is real and true.  We begin to process and organize our personal lives and what we need to do  in order to move forward. The strength of Mercury in Virgo makes up for the heat of the Sun gives in its  combust state when a planet comes with its proximity of the Sun

The Nakshatra of Revati this full moon falls under is a very auspicious star of wealth, protection and recovery. A much needed influence now.

On collective level the world is getting a shake down, quite literally with storms, earthquakes, threat of war, corrupt elections. This trend unfortunately continues through the end of October with Saturn in gandanta position for the rest of the month aspecting Mars who is a very tight and tense conjunction with Venus in Leo in a negative exchange with Ketu in Capricorn.  Resulting in amplified tensions and interactions for everyone across the board.

The lesson we are being taught is how to have and cultivate grit. All the while remaining in the heart where the real and true perception lives.

The outer world often reflects our inner world, anger and frustration arises.  Tend to your own storms and quakes and clear out the old debris. This is a special time to untie old karmic knots that we have created and to release them before Saturn moves on at the end of the month into Sagittarius.

You see Saturn actually makes diamonds, my beloved teacher and master Yogi Bhajan loved people with grit and grace. He was a Saturn teacher

I send you a lots of love and luck

siri prakash

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Meditation for the month to strengthen the Nervous System

To begin repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Posture: Sit straight in a cross-legged position.

Mudra: Cup the hands slightly and clap them in front of the heart at the rate of one clap per second. Your hands must create a sound. Elbows are relaxed down.

Eyes: Eyes are closed.

Breath: Breathe in rhythm with the motion through pursed lips, inhaling as the hands are spread, and exhaling as you clap the hands together.

Time: Continue for 11 or 31 minutes.

During the last 2 minutes grip the hands together in front of the heart, tightening the hands as much as you can so that the energy begins penetrating your body. Breathe long and deep to control the energy.

To end: Inhale deeply, hold, and tighten your grip and your spine so that the energy goes through the entire nervous system. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times.


May the long time sunshine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on , Sat Nam