Taking Flight

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

On January 6th at 21°of Sagittarius at 0:2:29 (CET) the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse takes place in the presence of Saturn and Mercury in the Nakshatra of Purvashada, a lunar house owned by Venus and ruled by the Apas, the lord of waters. The first of the two eclipses in January will act as a gateway to what is to come in 2019.

Eclipses with Ketu reveal hidden and buried skills that come to the surface. Ketu’s mission is one of excavation and liberation, in doing so it wants us to go into the discomfort by concretely looking the dark parts of ourselves buried in the tangled confusion of our thoughts and emotions.

At the time of this eclipse, the Sun and Saturn very closely conjunct and through their lens they reveal issues with governments and their leaders, Saturn being the planet of karmic retribution and the Sun representing government and power. On personal level we may feel pressure to commit to our higher purpose, and in at the same time we may feel our enthusiasm or energy dampened by the effect of Saturn on the Sun. Our nervous system is can also be a little ‘cooked’ as seen through Mercury is in the presence of three fierce planets. Those with significant planetary placements in Sagittarius particularly ascendant or Moon will fell the effects of this eclipse more significantly.

Governing the Moon, Sun and Saturn is Purva Ashadha is a very fierce nakshatra, under it it can reveal our obstinacy, argumentativeness, and the inability to listen to advice.

The support and grace we have in January comes from Venus and Jupiter, the two great teacher planets, they bringing opportunities to expand our knowledge from two different perspectives and two levels of awareness. The second source of support comes from Jupiter and Mars who are in an Parivartana, exchanging and sharing their energies and resources. These planets offer us stability and strength.

2019 is related to the PItta (fire) and Vata (air) elements, this affects all forms of communications, our courage, education and efforts. This is a year to get out there and really create changes to manifest, this is a year to pull up your boot straps and go for it. The only caveats is not to react, direct your mind to a greater dimension of your creative expression and keep focused on the positive activated mind and action to manifest. We are entering in a place of inner knowingness , commanding our path, prepared and ready to follow our destiny.

Eclipses are points of change awakening us to our greater potential, they offer us insights into our own evolution. In the Vedic and yogic sciences the period of 3 days on either side of the eclipse should be avoided for new beginnings of major importance.

Keep up be the light and share your light I wish you the very best of 2019 , may we all be blessed, may peace prevail and may all people prosper by thy grace

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, teraa bhane sarbaht da bhala

Siri Prakash

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