Suniai Sidh, Listening New Moon in Śravaṇa

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On February 4th the path of our consciousness, the Moon intersects with Sun our soul at 21° of Capricorn in Śravaṇa nakshatra a star field ruled by Vishnu that is deeply connected with Saraswati, transporting a message contemplation.

Capricorn is the feminine reflective quality of Saturn where we feel emotionally and experience it psychologically. The resource that Capricorn gives to the Moon is the capacity to face what we need to, and the endurance to withstand the challenges and fears we must face on our path of dharma.

Śravaṇa nakshatra is a star of making connection through learning and listening to hear the truth and have it merge with silence. Ruled by Vishnu, the one who is everything and is everywhere, it is easy to see why its associated with movement and the transference of information, as it was through Vishnu’s the very breath and sound that the Vedas were created.

This New Moon cycle is teaching us to create a stable inner structure so that we may receive, by bringing our awareness to locate the source so we may connect with what is eternal and true.

Śravaṇa Nakshatra suggests that there is something to sort out in our direction and in our path, how we perceive our path and how we see ourselves becoming individualised, where we have the choice to either we take hold of our time or become subject to it.

 With Venus now in Sagittarius coming close to Saturn, and both planets being 12th from the Moon it offers us a period offers us a pause before leaping into action, with Mars moving into Aries, the day after the New Moon Mars where we will experience a rush of energy after the 9th once is passes though gandanta point where there is tension for a few days.

Fill yourself with light everyday and see that you are a part of creation and that you are creation. Examine and refresh your tools and thoughts, stay committed to the connection with your heart and with your higher mind.

Its a good time to be introspective, observing what is awakening and what needs to be let go, give this energy space to take hold, try not to talk to excessively, just be present. It is in our own sacred silence that we hear our spirit call.

I send you lots of love and luck with the new Moon Cycle

Siri Prakash

ਸੁਣਿਐ ਸਿਧ ਪੀਰ ਸੁਰਿ ਨਾਥ ॥ Suṇiai siḏẖ pīr sur nāth