Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


The queen of the sky returns home and becomes full on January 21st at 6° degrees in the sign of Cancer where she is filled with potency and grace under the divine nakshatra of Pushya.

Pushya nakshatra is one of the most auspicious nakshatras, it’s deity is Brihaspati (Jupiter) the adviser and teacher to the Gods. Pushya gives nourishment and growth, awakening our desire for deeper awareness and clearer understanding, co ruled by Saturn is what gives Cancer its a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.

The feminine principle is embodied in the Moon, it’s powerful, naturally comforting, and difficult to control. Rahu has occupied the home of the divine feminine, amplifying and communicating from her house since 2017, throughout Rahu’s transit in Cancer it has been working to elevate and amplify the Adi Shakti, the feminine power seeking to bring awareness and balance back making sure that women’s voices were to be heard loud and clear.

We saw many positive changes over the course of 2018 in bringing back and shifting feminine power and feminine voice.

This will be the last eclipse that Rahu will make in Cancer before moving on to Gemini in March. His last lunar eclipse in Cancer will raise questions in the nature of redefining of what security means to each of us personally, as well as on a global level. It will activate a shift in how we are perceiving and processing the worldly hypnotic trance that is feed into our thoughts, emotions that color and pattern our lives. It will bring a increase and heightened state in our sensitivity, magnifying it in the sign of Cancer, and with Mercury is in Capricorn and close to Ketu it means that both of our thinking planets involved in the eclipse indicating that this is a time to not take things so personally instead, face your responsibilities with greater commitment, be honest and sincere with yourself and promote kindness and determination and keep life simple.

At the time of the eclipse Rhau is seated in Punarvasu amplifying the goddess frequency of the divine mother awakening a deep devotional quality expanding our hearts and our capacity love. This placement of Rahu reinforces the divine feminine as seen through Aditti. This is a beautiful chance to be bathed in the divine love and to create a healthy innerspace Rahu wants to give this before it leaves Cancer in March.

Jupiter gives the Moon a uplifting 9th aspect to the eclipse from the house of Scorpio and with Mars and Jupiter in a Parivartana Yoga (mutual exchange) we are graced with opportunity to and courage to move forward, as this is a year of action and we are being pushed from the nest now with love and complete support.

As always is not advisable to do important actions around the time of an eclipse, and keep life simple in the eclipse, this is what the rishi’s taught and remember the days surrounding the full Moon can be a little emotional so don't take yourself too seriously.

Any form of spiritual practice is potent during eclipse times but spiritual practice is beneficial everyday.

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I send you lots of love during the Full Moon Cycle

Siri Prakash

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Meditation Tip for the Full Moon

To Begin Sit comfortable in a cross-legged position with a straight spine bring your hands together in front of your heart and repeat 3 times Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before beginning the exercise

Eyes: Closed & focused at the brow point.

Posture and Mudra: Raise the right knee up with the right foot flat on the ground, toes pointing straight ahead. Place the sole of the left foot against the arch and ankle of the right foot. The ball of the left foot rests just in front of the ankle bone of the right foot.

Make a fist of the left hand and place it on the ground beside the hip. Use this to balance the posture. Bend the right elbow and place it on the top of the right knee. Bring the right hand back along the side of the head with the palm facing the ear. Form a shallow cup of the right palm. Then bring it against the skull so that it contacts the skull below the ear but stays open above the ear. It is as if you formed a cup of the hand to amplify a faint sound that you want to hear.

Mantra: Inhale deeply and chant Maaa in a long, full, smooth sound. Project the sound as if someone is listening to you. As you chant, listen to the sound and let it vibrate through your whole body. If you chant in a group, hear the overtones that develop and let those tones vibrate all around you and in every cell of your body.

The mantra is Maaa. Chant it at a comfortable high pitch. When you have exhaled completely, take another deep breath and continue. In a group you may all inhale at different times. The group sound will seem continuous.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes.

Switch Sides: Then change the legs and hands to the other side. Continue for an equal amount of time. Start slowly. Learn to hold the concentration into the sound.