Peering Deep into Well, Full Moon September Vedic Astrology



Becoming full at 7°of Pisces the full Moon draws resource in the the star field of Uttra Bhadrapada plunging us into a magical and electrical space ruled by the Naga, a place intimately connected to the Kundalini Shakti.

The watery and fiery September full Moon is directed and purposeful, seeking out the depths of our essential truth to find a balance between courage and fear when it comes to making decisions, rather than simply falling into the escapist potential of Piscean energy.

After this incredibly challenging summer, where we have been taken to our depths, pushing many of us to what was our perceived limits and our natural inclination to avoid the uncomfortable, we became soberly awakened to where our actions and thought patterns have lead us to.

As humans we are saturated in emotions, experiencing their friction against our thoughts and perceptions where they intertwine and colour our lives. In the Vedic system, Saturn falls at all the heart of all water signs, teaching us maturity and responsibility in the expression and processing of our emotions. Much like a river that needs walls to lead it to the ocean, where it finds its depth and foundation, we too are best served when we are aligned with focus and purpose.

The lesson of the September full Moon is to gain control of our emotions and our negative self programming by creating better path-ways by leaning into our mantra, use it and cut though the overflow of the subconscious mind . Sound current is the eco location of the soul connecting to the infinite, put it to work for you.

As September closes so does the drama of the Summer and with the opening of the month of October we will feel the intensity shift and begin to feel supported once again.

I send you lots of love during the full Moon cycle

Siri Prakash

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